May 14th, 2004


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I have a ditch in my front yard on both sides of my driveway. See pictures here...

My questions are, should I fill them, can I fill them, how do I fill them and which office in the city should I call to make sure I'm allowed to fill them?

The smaller ditch (bottom pic) we want to just fill with rocks. It is up by the mailbox and we want to fill the entire strip of land between the drive and the neighbor's fence with rocks. THANKS!
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remodeling a theater

There's a small, local theater that is going out of business. I'm toying with the idea of possibly taking over the space. If I do, what could I do with it in order to make enough money to keep it running? It also has other rooms -- one is used for an office and one is used for a dressing room. Right now its focus is women-centric plays with some musical performances but I think I'd want to broaden it. Do you think it's more lucrative (or interesting to the public) if there's more focus on music? What would you want more of in your community? Music space? Teen space? Something more specific like a queer performance space?

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what's the least harmful thing you can smoke? in terms of weird herbal cigarettes and whatnot... i mean i know smoking anything is not very good for you, but let's speak relatively here.

and don't say pot.
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What's the best way to blackmail someone into keeping a secret for you?

If you could have 15 minutes alone with anyone on the planet, who would it be and what would you two do? (No, I'm not necessarily implying anything sexual, here.)

Currently, how fresh is your breath, on a scale of 1-10?

Which is the better weapon and why: a paperweight, an ice pick, or an electric mixer?
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there's a word that means something like "stress" or "turmoil" maybe, and it's pronounced (as far as i know) "AH-jih-duh" -- how the hell do you spell it???????

**nevermind, after a half-hour phone-conference-type-thing with my mamadukes, we have determined that it's either "agida" or "agita" (apparently either spelling is acceptable), according to this thread.
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do jewish men traditionally wear wedding rings?

tomorrow is my last saturday in nyc and i want to take myself out on a date: should i see the new jim jarmusch (sp?)movie, "coffee and cigarettes" or "life of brian?"

also should i sneak a slice of fancy cake into the movie theatre or some cookies from my favorite bakery?
choices includes:
banana cake with cream cheese frosting
cornmeal-lime cookies
pineapple upside down cake
kitchen sink cookies (a whole motley mix of ingredients)
etc etc

i can be such a hard date to please!! heheeh