May 13th, 2004

skin care

this is a weird question, but i have large pores and they bother me! i would like to try to get them to appear smaller, but i don't know how to go about doing this.. i have tried to use the "blackhead removing" masks and junk, but they never seem to work. i don't have acne (in the sense of pimples), but they bother me.
my skin doesn't get very dry, but it's not oily... i guess it is normal, and i use mosturizer in the morning after i wash my face, just because it is habit and i feel like my face is a desert by mid-day if i don't.
does anybody have any suggestions... keeping in mind that i am a broke college student (so it should be kind of cheap, but effective).
thank you in advance!

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i was pretty rude to my boyfriend last night; basically i just wanted to be alone and i was grumpy - it had been a long day and i had bad allergies. normally i'd apologize today, but i'm thinking about not doing it this time because whenever i do, he just says something like, "Yeah, what was up with that?" or "yeah, you were pretty rude/bitchy" or "yeah, i REALLY didn't like that." when he replies like that, it usually makes me mad again. all i want is an "it's okay, don't worry about it," especially since he knew very well i was dead tired and allergic, but he never replies like that. do you think this is selfish of me? should i apologize regardless of the fact that what he says in reply may very well make me angry again? should i just let it go and assume he knew i was having a bad evening? has anyone else had to deal with someone like that, someone who doesn't really accept apologies, just likes to revisit the events that led up to the apology? i'm just looking for advice since i'm thinking about trying something different in my way of handling this kind of situation... thanks in advance...

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Background: I'm in fairly bad debt (yay for education), and my plan for getting out of it was getting a good job. I've ended up with one that barely covers all my outgoings. I'm trying to get a better job, but am not optimistic (partly because of where I live).

Question: Should I make a bold move and start my own t-shirt printing business?

There is the obvious bankruptcy risk, but I'm not too far from that anyway.

Oh, and my decision is not going to be directly based on any responses here, I'm just interested in people's opinions. :-)

book lover/ lover of books

for a friend:

"I've decided on what I want my tattoo to be - "book lover" or "lover of books" in Japanese calligraphy.

Anyone know someone reliable and knowledgeable of which characters would make up this phrase in Japanese? I prefer the Gyousho style, but I'm not going to be superbly picky."

any help would be appreciated.

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One of my dear friends who I rarely get a chance to see these days is going out with an immature homophobic misogynist that ended a friendship she's had since second grade.
They're so very wrong for eachother. She's admittedly terrified of confrontation, so even if she wanted to break up with him, I don't think she would do so.
I'm considering telling her my opinion of him straight out.

How should I go about this? I could leave it out on an internet diary where she'll see it. Should I be more direct? Should I keep my opinions to myself and let her handle her own affairs?


I ummm put a scratch on my car door. It's down on the bottom so people walking by can't notice it. You would have to squat down to see it. But it's a long scratch. I am afraid that it peels the paint, and might lead to rust if left the way it is. (I am new to the whole car world). Is there anything I can do to seal it so it doesn't peel? I don't want the whole door painted for that small scratch.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Are there any weird combinations of food out there that you love and would recommend? My friends has an addiction to peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. I had a thing for salad, but instead of dressing, I just toss it with a 50/50 combination of mustard and ketchup... Anyone?

Also, my friends and I are having a picnic on sunday. Any food ideas?


is it just me or have women's views changed (women in my life anyway)

like about 3-4 years ago...nearly all the women i knew, wanted a long term all they want is a 'fun relationship', in other words it's a relationship that means just being a couple, no kids or anything?...

what do you think made them change? it's confusing. because i dont know what to do. I dont want to be with someone with hopes of changing them, i dont want to change anyone.

but what exactly is going on? have women always had this view but just never really wanted to admit it?

to women : which would you rather, a fun relationship = no kids, or a relationship that insists of the typical house, husband, kids, dog/cat?

to men: what do you want out of a relationship? fun or long term?
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(no subject)

Did Egyptians predate the Chinese? When did writing systems for each of these two civilizations develop, anyways?

And do any of you know about good books/sites dealing with Egyptian or Chinese mythology/history?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know the name (or a good website) dealing with Chinese medicine dealing with the imbalance of the elements (earth, water, etc) within you?

Is anyone here Buddhist or any other peaceful/meditative religion? (Although not Hare Krishna)

Is there anything else thats like yoga and pilates..but had a different name or style?


So who else was really really mad at the ending of season finale of E.R.?

I mean, I'm glad Abby passed her boards and everything, but whats going on with Neela giving up on being a doctor? And what happened to Sam and Alex? She left Kovach just standing there. Ugh... and why did Dr. Chen come with Dr. Pratt to drive that overweight boy home anyway? Oh boy. I want to know who got shot...

This will bug me until fall.