May 12th, 2004

Pride Parade

Is there anyone out there who is from the Chicago area? If so by any chance do you know when the pride parade is? I missed it last year and I don't want to miss it this year.

Thanks in advance.
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OK, I need a therapist, but I also need excercise. Is there such a thing as a excercise therapist? I am so busy, if I could combine the two it would save me a lot of time. If there isn't such a thing, don't you think it's a cool idea?
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Limited Liability

Me and some friends got into this discussion last night, and were unable to answer this question.

Does the limited liability of a corporation extend to its franchise?

The example we used: Quiznos. Each store is an idividually owned franchise of Quiznos LLC.

If someone is injured, for example they get burned on the toaster, I know that the corporation is liable, but is the franchise concidered to be covered under the liability of the corporation, or is a franchise a seperate legal entity from the corporation?

Another sortof related question: Is the owner of a franchise liable, or are franchises similar to corporations where it is concidered it is concidered a seperate legal entity? (or would that depend on whether or not the franchise was owned by a Limited Liability Partnership or an individual?)
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I use DeadAIM and Windows XP. Whenever someone IM's me, the taskbar button doesn't blink. Does this happen to anyone else? I have the right options set in the buddy list preferences. What's going on? How can I get that button to blink?

On a related note, does anyone here use Gaim? Do you like it? Can I run it using XP?


Where can I find some icons that have girl and girl or just anything to go with same sex/lesbians? I see a lot of great icons out there, but I have no idea how I can get one myself.
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The Receptionist Classic

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Converting wma audio to mp3... any suggestions?
I bought an MP3 player and now I need to put music on it. None of my files are MP3s, so I need to convert them - just don't know how.
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White horses

In the UK, there are a number of figures (usually horses) cut into chalk hillsides and dating back in some cases to Saxon or Celtic times. See here for examples of what I mean.
Do similar figures exist in the US, or other countries?


Does anyone know where i can find quality info about dreams? By info i mean what do certain dreams imply.

And, please, lets omit obvious stuff. For example if I have a repeated dream of a bear that is stalking me and I run but cannot escape it, some things are pretty evident here. I mean, no need to tell me that I am worried about something and I cannot find a solution or something like that.

On the other hand, I will be pretty much satisfied with a decent website/book that talks about the origin of dreams and their impact and what not. The only thing, I want it to be concise and, once again, without unnecessary simplifications/explanations.

Thanks in advance! Sorry if I sound a bit demanding, but I really want to find what I'm looking for, and I would like to eliminate some possible replies that are irrelevant by default. I just want to make myself clear!


What's the age range of your set of friends? People you know offline.

I'm 31, dating a 40-year-old, and I have a couple of 17-year-old friends through a gaming group.

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Could anyone possibly give me a thesis for an essay on anything about Canadian Women during World War 2, and not on the homefront, but overseas?

I would love you 'til the day I die.

And just another question: Why do we say head over heels in love... Isnt your head always over your heels?
books = good

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I'm sure you've all gotten emails like Collapse )

My question is, why, when circumventing the spam filters, do they use the weirdest words they can possibly find? I understand putting dashes between words like "visit" and "price", and I even understand adding random words, but how many people regularly get emails with words like "expugnable" and "anorinthic" in them? Why not just a string like "dog cat sunday ice cream joe call red"?
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(no subject)

What is your opinion of teaching the bible ("as a story") in a public school English class? Mind you, this story starts with how "God created the Earth in seven days."

This question is not intended to start LJ wars. I was just curious about whether or not teaching the bible school should be done in your opinions (you guys all seem pretty smart).

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(no subject)

Should I worry about my period being almost 4 weeks late?

I usually get it every 18-22 days. My diet is the same. I'm not sexually active. I stopped vigorously exercising for a couple of weeks. I'm not on any medication.

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Californians - plea for advice

Any of you northern SF Bay Area folks, could you please tell me areas that are nice/affordable to live and within commutable distance to San Fran? If you'd like to add areas to steer clear from that would be fantastic, too!

Many thanks in advance. :)

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If a forum is given nothing but your e-mail address how from this can they get your birthdate and place of work?
I've been letting my friend use my e-mail address to register with a forum, no other information was given - she has been posting in a teen forum and the moderators do not like the fact she is posting information on sexual health (when asked by other members), she has been doing no differant than other members, the difference is that she knows information most teens don't. They have sent an e-mail to her - my e-mail address - telling her that she is over age for the teen forum, giving my birthdate and that they will tell her employer of her actions - being as my friend works in the same place as I do that might be an issue for me.
I don't want to have to tell her she can't use the forum anymore, she shouldn't have to stop using the forums, it's the principle of the thing, they are stopping her from posting for being informed.
Now, the work thing I suppose could be figured out by IP addresses or something, but how on earth did they get the birth date?
Could they actually cause me trouble with this?

more questions

EVERYONE:what's the best way or place to meet cool new random people? [**EDIT** in real life)
(can be from personal experience too)

GIRLS: how long does it take to shave your legs?

GUYS:what is your best pick up line? what was the response?

RANDOM: what's your definition of a Jesus freak? is it a negative or positive personality trait?