May 11th, 2004


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Is there any way to fix a bad back at home?
I stood up this morning and my back went, I have been walking about like an old women all day and it kills, first time I've really had back ache.
I'm still all bent out of shape, really bent out of shape and I don't want to turn up to work tomorrow in the same state - any ideas other than sleeping on the floor tonight?
(Bare in mind it is 12am and I have no ice packs, no way of getting to my chiropractors or anything tomorrow either thanks to work)
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Spanish for Beginners?

Due to the amazing abilities of the public education system, I've been taking Spanish since about the first-grade, and to this day I can't say complete a sentence in another language without making myself look like a jack@ss. *chuckles*

Anyhow, I'm in college now, and to graduate I have to take three levels of Spanish. I'm guessing that I'm not going to be able to B.S. my way through them like I did up through High School. (No offense to anyone in the public education system, but seriously... it sucks, or at least it seriously sucked for me.)

I have been interested in learning to speak a new language, but due to the fact that I want to be a writer, it seemed more important to develop my English skills first. Anyhow, I've got my first Spanish 101 class in college coming up next term, and from rumors floating through my school, as well as my knowledge of how history repeats itself, I'm placing $50 that the teachers aren't going to be able to teach me much more than I already know.

I thought that perhaps over the summer, I may be able to self-teach myself the basics, so I'll go into the class with a basic sense of what the professor is talking about.

Could anyone help point me in the right direction? I'd like to get some beginner's workbooks or study guides, anything that could be useful to a beginner, perhaps somewhere online if I could link me to anything that's been helpful to others.

I've also heard of Spanish software for beginners, but I'm not sure how reliable it would be. I wouldn't mind buying software as long as it's worth it.

Any advice or tips?

Thanks so.

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1) Does MTV or VH1 have an option somewhere (on its site, perhaps), where you can look at a big chunk of TV time titled "videos" and see specifically what video is playing when? Or search for a particular one? I know that the country music channel has something like that...

2) I log onto the internet, and after about fifteen minutes, the computer crashes. Supposedly I have a "drive interface error" or somesuch, and suddenly the it won't talk to the modem. I have restart the computer and redial the internet. Any suggestions?


i am hoping to redo my bedroom, and i would like to cover the walls with newspapers. but i would like to get newspapers from all over the world... how do you suggest i go about doing that? my aunt works at the courier-journal in louisville, but i doubt that she would want to help me...

school funding

i am from ohio but i am sure thsi happens everywhere:
why don't school district manage their money? our districts rely heavily on levys to pass to keep things like bussing and teachers and sports when all they have to do is not build such lavish schools and not have 300 computers per school and a tv in every room. i always thought teachers and an education were more important.
am i just missing something?

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i don't know anyone who is allergic to any kind of meat, besides shellfish. why is that? why are most, if not all, food allergies to some kind of plant? (fruits, vegetables, grains) lactose intolerance isn't really an ALLERGY, because it doesn't trigger histamines.

i'm no fatty... but in 10 years i probably will be

i've been eating a lot today.
i'm one of the "skinny people" but still...

i had breakfast and in each of my classes i had a snack.
then came lunch...
i even got something from the vending machine to add to my bag lunch.
a had one last snack after lunch...
and now i'm home and eating everything in sight...

what's up with that?
do the small portions of food make me feel "hungrier" or get the munchies?
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Mythological stuff and other stories...

Does anyone know of any good stories to research for the concept of a God or spirit of a concept being killed, and the ramifications of that concept no longer existing in the world?

I've got a story idea along those lines, and would like to do a little research on what other people have done on that topic, both to get some ideas and so I can keep from just repeating what has been said before.

MSN History

When I try to open the message history on MSN for one of my contacts, I get this message:

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.

An invalid character was found in text content.

Not a big deal, but how exactly do I correct it, if it's even possible?


Without doing a Google search or checking the rest of the comments (once there are some), do you know what prosciutto is?

I work at a specialty grocery store, and today a customer asked me where it was. I showed her the right direction, and then she told me she didn’t know what it was. She thought it was a cheese or something. And a nearby customer said she thought it was bread. So I walked her over and showed her the prosciutto.

I’m slightly puzzled only because I thought most people knew what prosciutto was; I knew before I started working there. But let me know if you don’t. :-)

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I would like a recommendation for a really good mystery thriller book. Something really scary that would mostly like give me nightmares or anything like a psychological thriller. If you have any suggestions scream!

"Help me if you can"
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OK, Desperate times call for desperate measures.

What are things you got for high school graduation that you really liked? Or whish you had gotten? I’m on a small budget here and I need gifts soon.

And, what would you get for the uber geeky boy who is graduating from high school? They seem to be the hardest to shop for. I want something he will take with him, but then I don’t have a ton of money.

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Can a relationship in which both people have completely opposite political views survive?

I'm a pretty liberal Democrat and he's very much a conservative Republican. We've been arguing a lot over what's been happening in Iraq these past couple of weeks, and it's to the point where I'm just deeply offended by everything he says. It's bothering the hell out of me, because I want to be able to talk to him about anything, but I hate the crap that he spews when we talk politics.
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rock the vote


When you vote (and you better vote, biznatches!), are you open about who you've voted for or do you keep it a secret?

I ask because my mom votes but she's super-duper secretive about who she votes for. Even in like... a local school board election or something like that. In fact, she kind of gets offended if you dare to ask her who she's voted for. Even immediate family. She acts as though I'm going to stink-bomb her house or something if I don't agree with her choice. It's very, very personal to her.

And I don't get that. When I vote for someone, I've only done so because I believe in them strongly enough that I'm not ashamed to have done so, and am perfectly open about who I have voted/plan to vote for.

Is this a generational thing? Because from what I've observed, a great deal of people in my generation are very outspoken about their political choices. Or is my mom just unusual? I don't know anyone else who behaves the way she does about this stuff.
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