May 10th, 2004

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Do you ever find yourself being mean to people for no apparent reason? Do you ever think that being a little snide with someone who has a bad attitude is okay?

And is it really true that you can't ever sneeze with your eyes open?

weird girl stuff

ok. So I was in a bar the other afternoon and i was with a friend..and there was this girl (she was the bartender) and as my friend was ordering drinks, she wasnt really paying attention..she was smiling and looking at me the whole time...and it was really she forgot what the order was after my friend stopped talking. and she says blah blah blah? and my friend says no..2 blah blahs and one blah... (i replaced blah's with the drink names because i soooo cant remember :P)

anyway. This girl was really cute, and she continued to look at me for the rest of the day..and everytime i looked back...she kind of stopped looking? lol

I remembered that a friend of mine works in the Grill at the back..and i spotted him, and i ran over to him and talked to him..we're going to catch up later this week....

Should I ask him about this girl?
like if she's single or anything?
should i think anything of it???
was she just being friendly?...i've been there heaps of times before..and no one is THAT friendly...weird though :/
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Okay, so I'm sitting here snacking on melted sugar covered almonds from the Spring Fair yesterday and my girlfriend and I are having an argument about whether almonds are nuts or not. I say they are, she says they aren't. Opinions?

Also, I say it's "pecan", she says it's "pecan nut" ... who is right?
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Okay, I have a pickle (for me at least). A lot of my better friends have been away since I met my girl so they didn't really get to know her along with me. But they've all met her and love her. It has been called to my attention that she feels a little cast aside when we're with them. So, how do you all find that "balance" when with friends and significant others. . . . especially if the friends and significant others don't know each other nearly as well as you know both of them?

The Great Gatsby...

i go to a christian school which results in retarded school work.

for english we read The Great Gatsby
...not bad...
i actually read the entire novel.
and we have to write a essay... and it's the topic that boggles my mind:

Many people believe the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg represent God or the eyes of God. Assuming this is so, what is Fitzerald saying about God and His relationship to the characters of the novel?

i don't think that this has anything to do with God but obviously this essay won't allow me to give my opinion on that.
if anyone is willing to help me with this
i will love you foreverrrr.

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2 unrelated questions

So lets say there's this guy you sort of like. lets call him jeff. you work with jeff. yesterday, when it was really slow at work, you and jeff and the others who worked in the back were talking when jeff called out to stefan (who happens to be one of the hottest guys at your school) "hey stefan, what school do you go to?" stefan didn't hear him, so you say "he goes to Bateman". Everybody looks at you. Someone says "so you go to Bateman too?" Jeff asks "do you guys eat lunch together?" and you say no. he asks you why not, and you jokingly say "he's too cool to eat with me." so Jeff (jokingly) gets really huffy and calls Stefan over, and asks him how come he doesn't eat with you? is he too cool? Stefan looks back and forth between you and jeff then looks at you and says "you go to Bateman?" This isn't humiliating enough, of course, so everybody you're working with starts laughing at you and Jeff gives stefan a high five.
who are you mad at: Jeff, Stefan and/or yourself?

question 2:
what is spooning?

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I'm new here, and I have a question, does anyone know what the symptoms of mono (aka, the "kissing disease") are? i have a feeling I may have it =(...if you know anything about it, or can direct to some information that would be great!
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Have you ever gotten really really hot feet? They dont smell and they aren't sweaty or anything, but there temperature is just... hot? You dont even wear socks or shoes... Its just how they are. This happens to me in the summer, and I can't find a way to cool them down.... Anyone have any ideas?

DVD player

I have quite an old tv, about 5-10 years

I just bought a dvd player, which has the red/white/yellow plugs/cords

but the only plug my tv has is for the aerial.

So how do i hook up the tv to the dvd player?

none of the red/white/yellow cords fit into the aerial plug
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I can't for the life of me figure out why the sound on my computer isn't working right now.

What could it be? When I left the house an hour ago it was working fine, and now it's not working at all. Everything is all plugged in and everything. What could possible be going on?

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i thought i posted this earlier but i guess it didnt work. sooo....

have any of you taken psychology in high school? did your high school offer psych classes, if you didnt take it? did your high school offer AP psychology? and where in the country are you from? if you're not from the US, where are you from? :o)

Slow CPU and high page file usage?


I have a 2ghz PC with 256ram (pretty average :P), running windows XP professional.
and before, i could run alot of stuff at once with out any troubles..

but now, I cant even run winamp (8,000k) + soul seek (4,700k) together. my page file usage is 352 (3 bars from the top?) and my cpu usage is jumping up and down from 19% to 32% do you think it could be a virus?

anyone have any ideas?

any help is appreciated :)
and thank you in advance :)
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