May 9th, 2004

death of rats

Comp Problem

My boyfriend and I's computers are linked together via a Cat-5 Crossover cable. The connection works fine, both of us can access the net, etc, etc.

However, at one point in time, due to nosy roomate and/or exes, we had our computers locked down (with Win XP), so that our files were marked "private". Now, they will not UNMARK as private, and we can't get the computers to allow us to see each other's stuff.

Any solutions to this?
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I've been wanting to learn how to play the electric guitar for quite a while, and I was wondering what kind I should get. Obviously, I don't want to pay too much, seeing how I never have that much money. I just want a decent electric guitar to start on, nothing fancy. What brands/specific styles should I look at?

Also, what else do you need to play an electric guitar? I know I need an amp, but I don't know what kind to get, or how expensive they are. What about the little things that people forget, and have to run back to the music store for later? Picks? Extra strings?

Last, any recommendations for music books to learn from? I can't really afford lessons from anyone, but I might be able to guilt a friend of a friend into giving me some advice, but after that, I'm on my own.

Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you so much!

Steel Magnolias

I just wtched Steel Magnolias on tv for the first time, but I don't understand. why can't diabetics have children (or rather "should not")? Did Shelby have some other complication other than being diabetic? Are all diabetics like this or are there varying degrees or types?

sasser worm

ok so i downloaded symantec's sasser worm removal tool
from here

And it didnt find anything, but when i look at my task manager. i can see lsass.exe running..

so what should i do? it's not really causing any trouble..just leave it? :)

thanks in advance! :D
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Question for those of you with navel piercings. How long did you wait before replacing the original banana bell / ring? I had my piercing done in mid-December and I bought a gorgeous new bar today, but it's not yet been six months which was the healing time I had recommended to me. I bought it planning to wait before trying it, but I was just curious. Did anyone have to wait more than six months? How do you know when it's completely healed? When it no longer weeps?

Not earth-shatteringly important questions, but still. ^.^
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Peter Fox
  • ymaamy


If I order The West Wing Season 2 on Amazon, will it be shipped to me the day it gets released? It isn't supposed to come out until May 18th, but will it be at my house that day or get shipped that day?
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(no subject)

what do you think about the fact that i am willing to spend $500+ on a trip to kansas to meet someone I have known through the phone and internet for 3 years? We used to talk every night over the phone for about a year and now most of our communication is over the net.

this person was like my best friend until he moved there but all this without ever meeting in person. We tried once but he had a death in his family thus leading to him moving to Kansas. I care alot about him bc I feel I know him better bc I have never had to see him, just talk to him, getting in his head. This isnt like an I LOVE HIM type deal but we have both said I love you to each other but more as friends I think (I hope).

and I am very sure he is the guy he says he is. I have so much reassurance on that its ridiculous, so thats not the problem. The wierdnessof the situation of meeting people fromt he internet is what is holding me back. Have any of you met paople off the internet from far away and not just locally? What is your experiancea?
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(no subject)

if everyone says they are so bored ok.. then they come online to find other people just as bored as they are. How come no one talks to each other?
wouldnt we be less bored if there was someoen to talk to?

hi,... new to this community, typed in fucking_bored and if everyones bored in that club how come no one talks so someone from this club gave me this site.. so here i am..
love talking and meeting new people..
19, f,,... just so u know.. i don't know incase that's something you wanna know it't there for you all..
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