May 8th, 2004

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After much searching on google: Can anyone help find a good site(s) where I can download free MP3s of (preferably brass) chamber music? Or music related to brass chamber music?

Thanks in advance. :)

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What exactly are the differences in the way liberals and conservatives think? Not so much WHAT they think, but why they think it and for what ends? There just seems to be these different paradigms of not just politics and government, but reality/life/humanity as well. What exactly IS this difference?
Ville Valo

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I have these bumps on the back of my head and they really hurt. Could they be pimples? Bug bites? I've never had em' before. They don't itch too much. Anyone know what they are/could be?
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Emily Porch


Does polyester or spandex shrink?

I have a pair of pants that are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, and I'm scared to wash them because I'm not sure if they'll shrink. I'm really tall so it's hard to find women's pants that are long enough for me, and these are perfect.

It always happens that when I buy a pair of pants I can wear them once and they're the right length, and then once I wash them they shrink to above my ankles. =o(
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bank accounts & $$$

I am going to be closing my bank account in the US, since I have figured I won't be going back to live there for a while to come. So, the little money I have in the account, I don't want it all to be spent in monthly fees they charge me. Anyhow, I don't hold a job here in Malaysia yet. Full time student. So opening an account is just too troublesome.

I need to give them instructions as to how to send back my money to me. Obviously they can't mail cash. But what type of 'money order' that they can send that I can go to a bank here and just cash it out. Is that even possible?

help please...

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okay so... i've already announced that my bf and i broke up.
but he still loves me
and i still love him.
when we were at a party we hooked up and acted like we were a couple again, although he has no intention of getting back together...
but he says that he doesn't want to share me with anyone else...
i'm the same way... but i want to be a couple again.
i figured that it doesn't... or it shouldn't matter because we still have deep feelings for each other...

or is it just weird and stupid?
or does it actually make sense...
or should it not matter?

...but i dunno.
is this common?

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Why is it that Cookies n Creme Ice Cream is always so soft and easy to scoop out? It seems with other ice creams it's always rock solid and I have to wait a few minutes until I can scoop some out.

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Next year I am thinking about getting a stall in a local green festival, I’m going to be demonstrating and giving out information on ‘alternative’ menstrual products, which are healthier and safer for the environment - hopefully also trying to sort out some deal with the companies which make and sell them so I can sell them on the stall too.
The thing is I don’t really know the first thing about running a stall, does anyone here have any experience with something similar to this, any advice or ideas? Does anyone know of any web sites that may have some useful information on running a stall and presenting information this way?

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Im a non smoker and im constantly having dreams about smoking. in every dream i go to the same dairy, buy the same cigarettes and lighter and sit outside and smoke.
ive been tempted to go buy a packet of cigarettes and smoke them, maybe it would stop the dreams.
Should i do it?
what do you think it means?
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I like making different kind of chocolates, where basically all you do is buy the melty chocolate, put it in a mold and fill it with something.

I'm really interested in making some kind of coffee version of this, but does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might do it?

(Remember: mixing water with the chocolate makes it lock up and leaves it totally unusable.)

Edit: I figured something out! I'm not deleting the question because more suggestions are definately welcome, AND other people might like to try it.

I really like the Cappucino Coolers (by Nescafe or Nestle or something) so I just mixed the powder with some whipped cream and used that. Mmmmm! Very good!
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Can anyone recommend any good studying techniques? I've found recently that re-writing notes into a bullet point form has been working. However I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other good techniques?
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