May 7th, 2004

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Some Harry Potter questions, in poll form

Poll #290028 Harry Potter

Your favorite Harry Potter book:

Philisophers Stone (or Sorcerers Stone for you Americans)
Chamber of Secrets
Prisioner Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix
I love them all equally
I don't like them
I don't like Harry Potter because its popular, and I've never read it

Favorite Movie

Philisophers Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisioner of Azkaban even though its not out yet

The next book should be called

Harry Potter and the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Harry Potter gets help for his emotional problems
Ron Weasley and his crazy friends
The Adventures of Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter and the Convention of Slash Writers

(no subject)

just wanted to ask a question :)

are there any banks that i could invest with, that pays intrest monthly? so say (and im just saying!) i wanted to invest $30,000 into an account with a bank...would they pay intrest monthly?

also, what are debentures?

wow. boring questions.
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(no subject)

What would government-instituted atheism be like? If we were made to be outwardly atheist (though not inwardly), would churches be allowed?

What would you rather have, if you had to choose: institutionalized atheism or a christian theocracy?

(no subject)

for those of you who have pierced your cartilidge in your ear:
did it hurt?
how long did it take to heal?
is it easier to change earrings in the cartilidge than in the lobe?
does it look weird (on a girl) to have just the cartilidge pierced on one side and no earrings in the earlobes?

why do i ask? because when i got my lobes pierced, i had a hell of a time trying to change earrings. i just couldnt figure it out and it hurt really bad. i may not have a really high tolerance for pain, but that was just horrible.
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birthday pic

Spark Plug Gap

I need to change my spark plugs, unfortunately I don't know the gap I need to set. I don't have a user or maintenance manual, its not anywhere under the hood, and google is not finding anything. So, where would I go to get this information, for free? I'd rather not buy a maintenance manual for one little piece of data.

In case anyone has the relevant manuals, the car is a 1985 Pontiac Bonneville, with a 3.6L V6 engine.

(no subject)

Good lord, I posted the "Who's your favorite friend?" question yesterday and I have gotten so much crap in my inbox.

My history is that I had watched maybe 1 or 2 episodes ever until this semester when my gf came to my school and she's hooked on it. Now I'm rather hooked myself. I realize that it may not be the most thought provoking show in the world, but I still think it's good in more ways than one. And entertaining. But y'know, that's for me.

Moving onto my question. What is it with you all, that it seems like every single time (not very often) I post a question in here, I get a shitload of snarky replies and you all fighting with each other? All delivered right back to my email inbox. I can understand people not liking the show, and being sick of all the publicity, as someone mentioned, or even some playing around and just talking shit. But really. Even if you don't like it and feel inclined to comment, can't you just say "Don't have one, I don't like the show."? Or for the loyal fans, do you have to shoot it right back at them? Isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion?

Sorry, I'm just a bit sick of it.

washing your face

Is the water suppose to be hot, cold or warm when you wash your face? Why does the temperature matter?

What products do you use to wash your face?

Have you ever had a facial -- not at home but at a spa or something?

for you musicians out there:

the college i'll be attending this fall requires all freshman to
sing in the freshman choir, so they sent me this survey card in
which they asked "How much experience have you had in reading
music notation?"

Now, ok, this may be stupid, but, there is a difference between
reading music and reading music notation....right?

like, i can read music - i've played the violin for seven years...
but i think they mean something
Flask of Coffee

The Second Man

It's easy enough to find books written in the first person and third person, but the vast majority of literature written in the second person is pornographic. Can anyone recommend non-pornographic second person fiction?
Loveless - Ritsuka and Soubi (Kiss me)

College Question

Art College to be more precise. I'm working on my Applications for when I graduate [that would be next year] and I have a small question concerning my Artist Statement.
How many pages does it have to be?
Thanks in advance :)
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(no subject)

Okay, so I know that I shouldn't hot swap my stereo cable on my computer, due to a rather low risk of shorting out my sound card. But if I have an extension hooked up to my computer, should I worry about hot swapping cables on the end of that? It's between headphones and computer speakers, if it matters.
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leave your turntable on


Over the course of the day, my arms and legs get really stiff and tight. Are there any good stretches I can do to get rid of that tightness?

And what activities can I do to get rid of love handles?
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Purple Hair

This is me in the user icon. I just bought purple dye for my hair (my hair is naturally blonde). Should I dye just a stripe in the front purple? Should I dye all of my hair? Or should I try for purple highlights? I can't decide! I just know I'd really like to have purple hair again. I've had a stripe in it before.

(no subject)

Suppose, hypothetically, I bought a car with cash and paid for it, but I never signed or dated the title because I lost the paper...what would I do? Should I, hypothetically, call the DMV? Would I have to pay a fee, or would they take my car from me, or what?

(no subject)

ok, i'm pretty sure that i lost my wallet.
in it, i had: my driver's license (and my driver's permit card),
my ATM card, and my healthcare insurance ID card.

since i just watched a 60 minutes thing on stealing identities:
is what was in my wallet enough for someone to steal my identity
and open a charge account in my name or something to that affect?

what's my best course of action here? i might have lost in it school-
so i dont really want to go through the process of applying for new
cards only to show up at school on monday and find it in the lost &

(no subject)

so i asked a question before about mistakes in life

but this time, this is to those of you who have been in relationships, Mistakes? how to keep things exciting? etc?

any kind of relationship. married? long term? short term? casual? any advice what so ever, maybe you have something that i might not know?

i'm male, and im 21 :) i dont know if that will help but yeah :)

as always
thanks in advance !
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