May 6th, 2004

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i have a few silk scarves that my uncle hand painted for me, and i would love to be able to hang them on my wall... the thing is, i don't want them to stretch. what would be a way, besides paying a bunch of money (i had it priced, the lowest was about US$125)?? They're really neat, and maybe if you guys help me, i can post some pictures (of course i'll have to ask a question about them....)
but it will mean a lot to me... thank you guys in advance.
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There is this guy I know. He's nice, but... he is just NOT my type at ALL. I am not attracted to him in the least. But he has a crush on me. A few months ago, I was in the library and he sat next to me and he said, "Oh yeah—I've heard people tell me that you liked me." And today, he came up to me in the hall when I was going to first period and he said, "I hear you don't have a date for prom--do you want to go with me?" And I said something stupid like, I have a friend who might take me, when it's all pure B.S. Finally, I got the nerve to tell him that I wasn't going to be his prom date, and I said, "I'm going with friends [at the time I WAS], but I will SEE you there".

Apparently, he took "I'll see you there" as "I'll STILL be your date". So now he has told tons of people that I am going with him, and I'm not. I don't want a date. I'm very flattered that he ASKED, but I just want to go alone, and besides, I have to take pictures for the yearbook most of the night anyway. And I don't want to be cruel to him, because I know how it feels to have an unrequited crush. How on Earth can I let him down?
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Kinda gross but I have a huge bubble blister on my heel from these horrible shoes I wore yesterday.. is there a way to heal it without popping it? Or am I supposed to pop it?
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I downloaded this adorable Japanese font onto my girlfriend's computer and for some reason, Windows has chosen to use it as the default Japanese font. It never did that on my computer, and since her computer is in German I'm having a hard time finding out how to uninstall it.

Just deleting the font doesn't work, it's protected or something, the site gives no uninstall instructions and I can't uninstall it through the Control Panel either.

Any ideas how to reset the default font?

EDIT: I should clarify, as cute as it is, it's not really readable at such a small size and I only wanted it for graphics and stuff.
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who knows watches?

i have a cigar box full of old wristwatches. i'd say they are mostly around 20-50 years old and in fairly good condition. i don't know much about watches but among the ones that work are a sanford, a girard perregreaux, some elgins, several omegas and a seiko. there is also a really pimp gold bulova that only works horizontally, and an art deco ladies' elgin that doesn't work but looks really cool. which of these brands are most desirable?
the reason i ask is because the other day at work, some guy tried to buy my watch off me. it's a vintage (probably 50s) longines that's kinda beat up but otherwise runs fine. he offered me $116 cash, but it was my grandfather's, so i won't sell it. he also told me about how he bought a vintage sanford off ebay for $225. the guy works at the mall where i also work, and tomorrow i plan to make some offers. so, judging from what he offered me the other day, what do you think are some good price ranges for the other watches i have? also, do you think a vintage longines is worth $116, or more/less than that? (not i'd ever sell it, just wondering)

i suppose i could take pictures if it would help... but mainly i'd just like to know which brands are most desirable. thanks.
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Oldies but Goodies

I've been on a classic movies kick for the past few monts, but I'm running out of movies!

Any recomendations?

I'm talking Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, Dr. Zhivago, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Scarlet Pimpernel, kind of classic movies.

I'm slowly working my way through the top 100 movies list and the movies that have won academy awards for best picture, but there's also a lot of stuff on there that I wouldn't expect to be, and a lot of movies not on there that I think really ought to be. I must be missing some good ones!
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For you baseball geeks

Thought of this one while watching Barry Bonds get intentionally walked (again) tonight.

Has a batter ever actually swung at a ball during an intentional walk, and what was the outcome? Something I’d just like to see in my lifetime... ;-)
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VRMs and Typing

Technical question:
Do the Voltage Regular Modules (VRMs) that are used on dual-processor motherboards follow some sort of standard, or does each motherboard manufacturer make their own?

I have a VRM that I pulled from a uni-processor Micron board that I'd like to use in an Intel PR-440FX board that I'm going to be getting from a coworker. It would be nice to be able to use what I already have, rather than hunting down another VRM on eBay.


Non-technical question:
Do you use the shift key for your non-dominant hand? (e.g. If you're left handed, do you use the right shift key?) Do you type using the "proper" method, (with your hands on the home row?

I just noticed the other day that I always use the right shift key when I'm typing (I'm right handed).
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Housing Floor Plan Question

I am almost positive that this question was asked a couple weeks ago but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If it was asked, could someone please direct me to it?


Are there any websites available that allow you to put in room and furniture dimensions and create a floorplan for a bedroom?
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