May 5th, 2004


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Do any of you remember a short story about a society where everyone had to be the same, so they made up for strengths with handicaps? like a dancer would have to wear clunky shoes, an attractive person a mask, etc.?

A few friends and I were discussing it, we had all read it in our various high schools but nobody could remember title or author.
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Are different fonts/typefaces as prolific in non-Greek alaphabets as they are in English — like Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, etc.? (There must be 10,000 different ways to draw/write the letter "B", for example.) Because characters in other alphabets look so alien to me, I couldn't tell one typeface from another ...
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Two questions for those of you who go the way of animal rights:

1. Does that extend to insects and other such "pests" as well?

2. If you have a pet that might like to hunt things, but doesn't need to, how does that work out?

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Do you believe the news media are generally more liberal, more conservative, or fairly neutral? Specifically, how do you feel about broadcast television (both local and national news)? And as a point of reference, where are you?

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Do you collect records?
if so, whats youre weirdest record??


with hits like....

russian whistler
and the family favorite the paraguayan whistler

haha, :)
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So I just heard a bit ago that they are remaking "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"... the original version is one of my faves, and I am usually the cynical "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" when it comes to movies, but this is indeed intriguing, as they've casted Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and nabbed Tim Burton for director. *raises eyebrow*

*edit/addition* Perhaps equally intriguing - remake of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy":

So... what say you all? Think it stands a chance at equalling/topping the originals? And how do you feel about remakes in general?

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If you are female, do you use hormonal contraceptives? If so, what type?

If you are male, would you use a male birth control pill if it were available and the risks were no more than females have while using contraceptives? Why or why not?

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So what really is the benefit to using "Premium" instead of "Regular" or "Plus" gas? I usually use premium because I hear it's better for your engine, but what's really the big deal? Gas prices are so high, I'd rather pay less for a tank.
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Unrelated questions, always fun...

1. What do you do to wake yourself up in the mornings aside from showering? Or, how do you fall alseep if you cant?

2. If I had to write an essay in history about any post-WW2 problem is Canada, what is a possible thesis?

3. How do you clear stuffy noses?