May 4th, 2004


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i was playing a board game with some friends tonight (settlers of catan. it's the GREATEST board game EVER), and one of the guys kept leaving the room to throw up. (2 or 3 times in an hour!) i kept asking him what's wrong, and he kept saying it's guy problems, and i don't wanna know. this other guy goes, "oh man. i know what you're talking about. i empathize." i kept wanting to know what was wrong, and they kept going, "you don't wanna know. it's guy stuff."

what "guy problems" could cause a guy to vomit? and i think it might be pretty embarassing if he didn't wanna talk about it. a girl friend speculated that perhaps he got kicked in the nuts because sometimes that can cause guys to throw up. but i thought that was an instantaneous reaction, at the scene of the injury-- not every half hour after that.

legal stuff???

ok...i have a stupid idiot of a friend who's 21 and he slept with a girl who is 16 and now shes pregnant but not sure if its his or just wondering if he can face any legal problems because of the age difference. what are the age guidlines for statutory rape? i live in ct if that helps at all...thanx for any help

Cooking American style

I baked a souffle yesterday using an American recipe from the net. So this is directed mostly at the Americans. What does this mean to you?

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa

I found a conversion chart for cups to real measurements (I mean, how many different sized cups are there!), but does it mean 1/3 cup of cocoa powder, or 1/3 cup of the made-up drink?

And does anyone else accidentally post community posts in their own journal? Or am I the only idiot?

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Hi everyone.  I just joined and I have a million questions, but I decided on this one first.  I hope it isn't against the rules.  Do you or anyone you know have any empty McCormick spice bottles Collapse ), with or without labels?  I would be willing to pay a small amount for the bottles and pay for shipping.  THANKS!!!


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I'm so not young anymore

I've been meaning to ask: what is "emo?" I get the feeling it's a type of music or youth subculture or youth stereotype like jock or prep. But can someone please explain what makes someone emo?
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needles + eyeballs = ?

What would happen if you stuck your eyeball with a needle? (And no, I didn't do that or anything; I'm just curious!)

Does it bleed? Would you get a nasty infection? How fast do eyeballs heal? Would it hurt for days and days and days? Would you have to see a doctor?

(I think I know the answers to these questions, but I'm just wondering if anybody knows something for sure. :)
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Please Help!!

I need about 34,000 to fulfill my dream of going on a world voyage abroad a square-rigged Tall Ship. No matter how hard I would I wouldn't be able to come up with that amount of money! I've had some crazy ideas I might just go through such as writing to Oprah and Maury. But what are my chances with them right? Do you know any charities/orgnazations/companies/people I might be able to ask for help? I'd really appreciate it. After all, this is my lifelong dream.
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do albinos have darker areolas?

and what's the point of urinals? guys can go #1 in toilets, too. why make a whole separate structure just for #1? wouldn't it be cheaper to have toilets for all forms of relief?

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I have a question/request for y'all. My friend is getting harassed by some kids not even smart enough to spoof their e-mails or IP addresses and I'd like to subscribe them to a healthy dose of spam. Could you look through your junk mail folder and post your "opt-outs", online pharmacies and other spammy links for me?
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X-posted from my journal:

Okay, I got Collapse )in my email box from my Mom - which really pisses me off because usually she's better than this and the whole idea hurts me more than getting it from my Dad, who I expect it from. Anyway, the first time I got it, I wanted to make a kind of parody of it and now I do even more. So I need people's help. Can people help me come up with some questions where the answer would be "Middle-classed Christian (or caucasian, but since it's religious in the original I think I want to stick to the Christian) male between the ages of 17 and 40" or something like that instead? I was going to put McVeigh on there and I know I'll think of a bunch of others once I stop fuming. So if you have any questions to add please comment. I want to send this around. thanks.

Oh, and since this is the question club, I'll add an additional question. What do you think when you see this rationalization of prejudice being passed around? Or do you not think it's prejudiced? Why?

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So, I have to create a website. (Not a personal one.)

1. What are some good websites for learning how to use HTML? I already know the basics, and I've found lists of commands, but I'd like something that tells me exactly how to do certain things. Or what certain commands do. Et cetera.

2. Can you think of any pretty/functional/interesting websites that I can use to brainstorm (won't copy, promise)? I don't like ones that are flashy — simple yet attractive and all that. (ex:
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I'm filling out a college application, and it's asking me the highest level of education both of my parents completed. Why does this matter? I'm 25. Neither of them will be contributing financially. Are they going to say "No, we will not let you in because your parents never went past high school"?

It's a community college, by the way.