May 3rd, 2004

tank girl

MLA and web content

Does anyone know if the MLA has rules about taking and quoting things off webpages and online? Whats the copyright of gifs? Off things you take online? you cite the source or what?

Is this information presented anywhere online on some factual basis? Not like courtesy laws but actual legal stuff?

Also..what if you take someone's banner or something..but they didn't say anywhere "Dont steal my stuff" are you free to take it?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know how to change out the removeable drives on a Dell Latitude LM (circa 1996)? I have the CD-ROM in there now, but I want to switch it out for the floppy. My dad showed me how once a loooooong time ago, but he's out of town right now and can't help me. Anyone?

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Would it be morbid to write goodbye letters just in case you die un-expectedly? I've been thinking that I would like to individually let some of my friends, not all, and some of my family, not all, how much they mean to me if I get killed in a car accident or whatever the case may be. These letters can be written and sealed in envelopes and then I was thinking of telling a few people where they would be if this were to happen. What do you think?
tank girl

Women's colleges

Have any of you ladies ever went to a woman's college? Why did you? If you care to mention which one, go ahead.
What were the perks? What did you like? Dislikes?

I suppose this is for everyone..What do you think of women's colleges? About the women that come out of them? How do you think they turn out? For the better? More successful as the statistics point out?
Anything else I left out?

Please choose your words wisely..I would prefer more than a "I hated/loved it because it was fun.." etc etc.. I dont want cheesy promotion..I want some very deep pros and cons, even if they can be acidic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and/or reply to this.
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Censor me.

This has been bugging me for a long time, and I'm wanting to know what other people's opinions are. Basic question: Did I do the right thing?

About five years ago I was in a school play that we performed at some art festival, as well as at school. The play had a few bad words in it (damn and shit) and I wasn't the only one who had to say them. When we performed it at school all went fine, but when we performed it at the festival we were being watched by a big choir group. (Adults, not children.) A lot of the other cast members censored their lines, but I didn't. We hadn't discussed it before hand, and I didn't feel it was necessary.

Afterwards my dad yelled at me for over an hour because of how awful he thought the play was (the subject matter) and part of that was yelling because I didn't censor myself.

So did I do the right thing? Should I have censored myself like some of the others did?
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(no subject)

What is up with people who leave their car running, unattended, unlocked, with no one in it, while they are inside the bank/post office/whatever?
Do they want their car to get stolen?

They're not even watching it!


**I have a personal question...please click on this and read inside. This is a serious question that I have had for quite sometime...please answer me...**
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Shadist (Wasp)

I am drawing a blank here

What would you call someone you supervised at a job?

I am filling out a application and, for the life of me, I can't figure out what to call him. It asks for a name, your relationship and their phone number. My first one listed is my former supervisor. the second is a friend of mine. I was his supervisor at a place neither of us work any longer.

I don't want to list him as a friend. . . I would like to imply the working relationship.

Thanks for the help.
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(no subject)

I have two weeks of IB/AP exams coming up, which means I'll be doing a lot of studying. In general, I like to nosh while I study, but I don't want to develope a pot-belly over the next two weeks. I can't chew gum because of my braces. Any suggestions for something healthy to snack on?
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(no subject)

My brother wants to start a small worm farm for when he and his buddies go fishing.

Question is: How do worms reproduce, and is there any way top make them reproduce quicker? Is there anything else he should know that may get him more worms or any tips on worm farming?

Thanks :)
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How old is too old for a Significant Other?

I have a friend who is 18, and she likes older guys. Yea I like older guys but not guys who are 13-14 years old than I am. like 3 or 4 is ok, but 13-14 I think is a bit extreme. She is even lieing about his age to her family. So how old would you want your SO to be? Like the maximum years between you two??

I am happy for them but I would want to be with someone that I could be with for a very long time, and someone that much older probably wouldn't live as long, ya know? Just Curious.
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This is a long shot, but I just drank some chocolate milk. I usually get stomachaches but it hasn't happened lately, but it did this time. Is there anything I can do to ease the excruciating pain in my tummy? I'm at work right now, so I'm hoping there's something I might be able to do right now.

If not, got any pointers for next time I get a chocolate milk craving? (Besides not drinking milk.)

crossposted a bit. sorry!
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Reverse Discrimination?

What is up with that term? Wouldn't reversing discrimination give you acceptance?

I know what the term means, but I find it incredibly stupid. Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination, no matter what the social group of the discriminator and his/her victim. A black person discriminating against a white person is discrimination, plain and simple.

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The word "Caribbean," do you prefer to say

Although, I've heard one or the other is used as an adjective and the other a noun, I still prefer to say it "Ca-RIBB-ean" despite it being an adjective or noun. And if there is one for an adjective or noun, which is which?