May 2nd, 2004

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What's a common occurence that gives you one of the best feelings in the world?

Me: Having fallen asleep on the couch and someone covers me with a blanket or...taking off shoes and socks after wearing them all day. :P

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Two questions for you all;

1.) I have a new red and black short(ish) lace dress, the sort you would go to a rock club with, but I don't know what shoes to ware with it, my boyfriend and flat mate say Newrocks, but I don't think they would go with this sort of dress at all, everything I have seen in shoe stores are mainstream fashion shoes which would clash, anyone have any ideas?

2.) Where does the line 'Standing on the shoulders of giants' come from - other than Oasis album titles or £2 coins?

wireless speakers

Does anyone have wireless speakers? What kind do you have and how do you like them?

I'm currently looking at these RCA ones and these that cost a little more.

Also, if you were going to celebrate something in a big way, would you throw a big, expensive party or screw the party and take a trip instead? I'm planning my 10th Anniversary. I'm kinda thinking of the party because we didn't have a wedding for everyone to go to.
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I have to do a paper on a work of Japanese or American art that relates to zen. I can also choose a poem or a movie (don't have time for this one though). What are some goods sites I could check out? Do you know any good works of art that wouldn't be too hard to do? I have to relate it to the American zen experience. I got a ton of books out and tried searching online and am not really getting too much. Please help!


Well my boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month and a half now and around the first 2 weeks he cheated on me with his ex g/f. My mom never got an official introduction to him so he kinda started off on a bad foot with her. And now he is afraid to introduce himself at all b/c whenever my mom sees him she gives him a bad look. He thinks that my mom hates him! But, she doesn't...she only dislikes the way he treated me then. Now he is the perfect gentleman and has even stated that we're going to be together forever. But it bothers him (and me as much) b/c he thinks that my mom dislikes him. How can we get over this and not have to worry about this situation? I can't date yet b/c I am still lacking a few months from being 16, so my mom thinks that it doesn't matter what she thinks b/c I can't literally go out on a date with him yet, so she has no interaction yet. But yet it still bothers my boyfriend greatly. It bothers him so much that it had bagAn to bother me also. Last night I mentioned that I hope he never wants to give up on me b/c of my mom and he got defensive and said that no one could ever come between us. So now that factor is out of it I am a little at ease...but it still bothers him greatly. Once again, how can things get normal and to the point that he (nor I) have to worry about anything alone those lines? Please give me any suggestion what so ever I need help!!!!
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I used to half-know of this recipe for mint iced tea that was made with mint leaves, 4C iced tea mix, and orange juice.

Only I don't know the exact measurements of iced tea mix to orange juice.

Does anyone know it? it's so good and i want to make some.


Hey! I am a freshman and cheerleading try-outs are coming on fast. I was a cheerleader my 8th grade year and I made both fall and winter squad this past year, but I am getting nervous about try-outs for the upcoming school year. My toe touches haven't improved(I have been practicing) and my school isn't big on tumbling(but it impresses them big time if you are able to). I wish to be able to be a great cheerleader and I have gone to many sites to see how I can make this possible, but none seem to help all too much. Do any of you guys have any suggestions for me? (Without spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive camp). I am open for any suggestions on anything at all to help me with any aspect of cheerleading...whether it be tumbling, jumping, yelling, or getting rid of nervousness in front of a big crowd.
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Hmmm... my first question...

Actually... I have a few...

Bacos... Never heard or seen it... I'm curious to try it. Where would I be able to find some?


I'm planning on reading The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner, and I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly it is about.


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project due tomorrow.

for my society class im doing an assignment that deals with peoples opinions on the mentally ill. im suppose to make a survey and i was wondering if you guys would be able to help me out by answering these questions, and as well if you can state where you are from. thank you in advance.

1. do you think that the medical treatment of the mentally ill is adequate enough? or are there still more programs and things that we could do for these people?

2. do you agree that there is a stigma still attached to mental illness?

3. do you find that the mentally ill are still being disrespected and looked down upon, for people still at times seem to blame them for their illnesses?

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what should i get my friend for her 18th birthday?

she's a guitar-playing singer/songwriter, big into music (like joni
mitchell, damien rice, fiona apple, etc), will be living in nyc for
college next year....

any ideas? i'm thinking something to do with music, but i don't
want to get her a CD....

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so what is something i can do to lose as much weight as possible in the next three weeks?

im open to just about anything, but lettuce makes me nauseous and my ankles are horrible so i cant take up running. any other suggestion would be most helpful. any and all weight loss advice you got - lay it on me!
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Computer question

My friend wants to sell her laptop and she does not know what to sell it for. Here are the specs:
512 mb RAM
40 gigabyte hard drive
2.0 GHz Pentium 4 processor

It is 2 years old.

Any idea of a good price?


It is a Hewlett-Packard. I do not know the model.
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I have a friend who lives back in my hometown who I like talking to. However, I've always sensed that her mom hates me for reasons unknown. I've even met the woman, and I was nothing but polite to her, yet I sense some hostility there. Whenever I call and her mom picks up, she always says that my friend isn't there, and hangs up before I get a word in edgewise, or she'll say she'll go to get her, and she hangs up. I've wanted to ask her exactly what her damage is--I AM calling on MY phone, meaning that I am paying for the long-distance call--but I don't want to go down to my friend's mom's rude level. What can I do? I don't want to pull the race card (I'm black; my friend is white) because the girl's mom was nice to her other black friends, but there is just something supremely fishy about the whole thing.
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random questions from a thoughtful mind

do you think i'm setting myself up for disappointment if i dream about someday having a boyfriend (husband?) like one of the sweet romantic guys from movies or books?

what do you wish for for the future?

if you could pick one thing you'd never have to do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

online radios!

do you listen to online radio much? what about online tv channels?

i joined up to and like. got my name mentioned 6 times! omg so cool.

anyone know any other online radio broadcasts that are good? i knew of one called spyradio?? that was really good.

anyone else know any more?! :D thanks in advance!
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57K virus?

I've been getting a ton of spammy e-mails lately with attachments that are always 57K. Say, about 8-10 a day. I've been deleting as I get them, but I'm curious-- I'm gathering this is a virus, but what one is it? (No way in hell I'm downloading the file to find out.) Anyone else heard of this thing?

And does anyone know how to cut down on these damn things? I can't block the address or put up a filter, because the addresses and subject lines are always different, it's just the size of the attachment that's always the same.
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