May 1st, 2004

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It's my boyfriends 28th birthday in May and I don't know what to get him. He likes xbox and games, he's big into music and he's an actor. I'm looking for something different so my question for all of you is...what do you think I should do for him/give him for his birthday? Any ideas that worked well for you before?
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i need to settle a bet with a friend. i told him that blind people can make loud "clicks" or snap their fingers and be able to tell how large the room is, where the walls are, if there's something directly in front of them, etc . . . he doesn't believe me. i've SEEN blind people do this, and i read about it in one of madeleine l'engle's books (one of the austin family series). can you confirm/refute this? some online articles would help, too. thanks! :)

camp question

If you were working as a camp counsellor with 10-14 yr olds (or a situation similar) and you caught/found 2 of them kissing or doing something sexual, how would you handle the situation?

I've never been in that situation with teens, only adults with disabilities.. so I'm kind of just thinking ahead.
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tech assistance

My boyfriend gave me this question to post here:

I use a router to hook up two computers to a cable modem. My roommate's computer runs fine, but mine has a rather slow download speed. It runs super fast for a few minutes after I restart the router, but then slows down again. Occasionally, the speed will spike back up to where it should be, but only when I'm downloading many things at the same time. I can't figure out what the problem is. I updated the firmware for the router. I just don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?
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In the Southern hemipshere, water flows counter-clockwise down a drain. In the Northern hemipshere, it flows clockwise down a drain.

What would happen if you flushed water down a drain while you were on the Equator?

My friends have already read an entry about this...

A girl in my school put a hit-list (an extremely graphic one, at that) and a hate-list (which I was on even though I have minimal contact with her...whatever) on her online journal. The hit-list was really graphic, saying things like, "I want to slit their throats and then wrap their intestines around their necks like a feather boa. Then I want to hang them by their intestines." She was also suspended two years ago for trying to choke another student.
She's been suspended (though she may choose not to come back since she's made a lot of enemies with this).
1. Do you think suspension was a harsh enough punishment, or do you think she should have been expelled? (Do you think it's ever fair to punish someone for what they wrote an online journal?)
2. Supposedly, the police said they couldn't do anything because the entries "were not a direct threat to anyone". Um, what? They said it was just a diary. But it was a diary in a public forum! It was found because a student typed in her own name and it came up on a yahoo search. (This girl used first and last names.) So it's fairly easily accessible, and a lot of the replies to her posts were encouraging her violent thoughts. So, is it true that the police can't do anything? If it is, do you think there's something wrong with this?

3. (Sorry, have to ask...) Could anyone's intestines support their body weight? I mean, hearing this description, the image just kept coming to my mind...
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what is ViewMgr.exe? and why does a window pop up every five minutes telling me that it is trying to access the internet and it is a medium risk and suggests i block it? i think its a Norton Antivirus window but i forget..


and why is the icon for this community a jar of bacos?


for the foodies/moms/aspiring cooks

I've decided to become a cook. If I'm a great cook, people will forgive me all other errors of domesticity, I think.
I'm beginning to buy all number of cooking type things, and Im a little curious...
Alright, the general gist of this question is, what makes your kitchen great?

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I know that is just a TON of stuff to answer, if you'd just like to generalize, go ahead, but I didnt know where else to ask. The last cookware store(Williams Sonoma) I was in, the people were just.. icky.
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another question:

in the kentucky derby today, my sister bet a $5 exacta (to win) on Smarty Jones
(the horse that won)

i can't seem to find out how much money she won though....any help?


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I'm trying to explain this the best I can, but I'm having trouble.
I'm trying to explain to my cousin how a word in another language does not mean that word in English, but the same..meaning. For example:
"Jugar" translates to "to play" in English. But "jugar" does not means "To play" but means the...actual act of playing.
Obviously, I'm having a difficult time trying to explain what I mean. If anyone understands what I mean, can you find a better way to explain this, please?