April 30th, 2004

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does anyone know how many calories you're suggested to eat in a day to MAINTAIN your current weight?

and so then if you eat under that number of cals in a day, you'll eventually start to lose weight, right?
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I've been dieting and doing quite a bit of working out for the past couple weeks, and up until the last few days, I've been doing fine on a couple small meals and diet shakes. However, the last few days I've noticed myself getting incredibly hungry, around what would be for me midday. Is this a normal thing? My sister suggested it might be a metabolism boost, since I've been doing both aerobic and weight training. Anyone have any idea?
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I have 11 viruses on my computer that my virus program isn't getting rid of. Some are 'Trojans' and 'worms' and some are sitting on my desktop with an icon I can't delete. I don't know anything about this stuff - Would reformatting my computer get rid of them? What else would reformatting my computer get rid of (ie, would I have to buy Microsoft Office, etc)?

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So I was wondering

What is a good gift for a baby shower, I will not be attending but an old friend of mine is having a baby shower later this month and I will be sending a gift with a second individual that is friends with both of us.

My issue is that I want something modest yet something that well stands out a bit... any ideas?

The baby is a girl and they are going to name her Ariel, but no little mermaid stuff that poor kid will have enough of that crap without me contributing

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Isn't going to the bathroom so inconvienient?!

I just sat down for lunch and I have to go to the bathroom! I want to wait to go cuz im just gonna have to go again! Oh yeah and when you're at the movies and you have to go! Even though you didnt get a drink????!!!!!
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Internet Explorer

As recommended in the post about viruses, I tried to get rid of Internet Explorer. Only I can't find the "Uninstall" program, and it's not letting me delete the program because it says it's in use. Only, I'm not using IE. How do I get rid of it?
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Have you heard the controversy over tonight's "Nightline" on ABC? What do you think about it? Here is some background, so you can know what I'm talking about.

I work for an ABC affiliate, and the viewers are very vocal about this. Some are calling us with praise for airing it, and others are shouting in my ear that I'm going to hell for this. What do you think?

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How do you save files on a CD?
I have this CD that has word documents and such on it...and I tried to save stuff onto it, but it says "Read Only." I tried going to Properties and unchecking the box that says "Read Only," but that didn't work. Any suggestions?
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Mother's Day

What would be a good gift to buy someone who isn't your mother but raised you all of your life and you consider her to be your mother for mother's day?

And the price rang is kinda low, like $10.00.

Any suggestions?
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Does anyone know where I can find the picture of Nicole Richie from the makeunder section of the celebrity-produced issue of Jane magazine? Considering that she skanks herself up with a ton of makeup all the time, I was surprised to see what a fresh beauty she actually is. I've searched Jane's site and all over the web including Google image search but I can't find it. Surely somebody must have it?

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i've been depressed lately.
and i've lost about 10 lbs, including my appetite.
i hardly eat but i don't intend on becoming anorexic.
i'll make myself eat a lil bit because my body need nutrients.
but... if i eat a lil... and stop eating... and eat a lil...
will that mess up my digestive system?

[EDIT] oh yeah.
i'm taking the SATs tomorrow morning...
and tips?
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Long time since my last post...

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

Favorite accent?

Who was the last person you gave your phone number to and why did you give it to that person?

Describe the most interesting thing in your bedroom.

Honestly--can you dance?
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Dried fruits & vegetables

I was just wondering if anyone knows what types of fruits & vegetables I can dry out, & how to go about doing it? Basically, I want to create a mix for my rats, & it'd be easier to do it this way than to give them fresh stuff every day.
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Ok, I have no idea where to find out this information, so I figured maybe there's a chance someone in here would know. My dad wants to sell this subwoofer that came with a used car he bought. It seems to be 2 Blue Thunder subwoofers with a 282 MTX amp in an enclosure. That's all I know. There's no model number anywhere that I can see. I've tried googling it to no avail. He wants to put it on Ebay, but I told him he should have the specs and know what it's worth before he does. So here's the question: does anyone know what it's worth? Or does anyone know where I could find out more about it? I'm pretty sure it's an old model, since I did find out that they don't make Blue Thunders anymore, just The Thunder I think.
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Square Freaks Unite!

What reasons are there for keeping Final Fantasy XI? My brother got it for his birthday, but is having trouble deciding whether to keep it or not. Give me something to convince him to keep it!
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