April 29th, 2004


quest for curls...

Ever since my move out of the US, I have been on a quest here in Malaysia on finding products for curly hair. This is quite hard in a country where straight hair is the norm and preferred way of hairstyling! So, maybe once in six months the store will carry a handful of bottles of gel for curls etc. So the rest of the time, I have tried other products, and found one that works.

Curiously I was wondering is this just a marketing ploy? Or products for curly hair really that different from regular products you find?

Work Questions

Theoretical Questions:

When should you or should not you be a bitch on the job?

How does a woman learn to get over her "disease to please" in order to take charge and be extremely assertive, and at times an outright bitch?


Applicable Questions:

I will be quitting my job. The issue here is, do I tell them a month in advance or two weeks in advance? The controller is like 69 months pregnant and is going to be due any week now and the company is approaching their most hectic time of year (though right now it is very slow). They are now wanting me to be cross trained in purchasing for these very reasons.

I hate waiting so long to tell them because I don't want to ditch them at such a horrible time with so little preparation. On the other hand, if I tell them too soon they may let me go too soon (they don't pay me enough anyway).

What do you think?

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I just re-dyed my hair on Tuesday (I've been dyeing my hair since I was 15) but the color didnt take very well on the top of my head...and it really bugs me when i dont get all of it even! Would it be safe to add another coating to my hair with color to even it out or should i say fuck it and wait for my other roots to show.
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Does the weather affect your mood, like in a scientific way? I had a shitty weak, and it was all rainy and grey, and today it is hot and lovely, and I'm happy.... and this happens often.

Coincidence or science?

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for those of you that sew...

what is overlocking? it's for a little placket for some buttons. the directions say to zigzag or overlock down the raw edges, but my sewing machine is very old and doesn't do zigzags.