April 26th, 2004

It's All Good
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"Troubled Windows"

I have a question for those of you who know/care more about anime/Japan than I do:  One of my LJ friends posted a link to this Flash thingy. Does anyone here have any insight into what this is, what it's saying, and why the song is so darn catchy?

Microsoft Money

Does anyone use Microsoft Money (I have the 2002 version if that matters). I was playing with my "cash flow forecast" and I deleted some of the "trended items." Basically it looks at how you are spending now and put that data into trends of how you will spend. Well I must have accidentally deleted something important as instead of having a pretty steady account it now predicts very rapid (and ridiculous) growth. While this prediction would certainly be nice if it was true, I have serious doubts.

Anyway, my question is this . . .can I reset this cash flow forecast and get back to what it was predicting before?
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(no subject)

I've been feeling somewhat dizzy all day. Like I could fall over, but yet I'm not actually bumping into things or losing balance. I got about 7 hours of sleep last night, pretty standard. I've had a multi-vitamin, a banana, cereal, carrots, and lunch. Two possible causes - I have my period and it's raining out. But this is kinda weird and I don't want to have to go home. I have had something like this before, I think. A couple years ago, right when I started on the pill, I would occasionally get these bouts where I felt kinda detached and fuzzy-headed. I learned that if I ate a Clif bar when it started, I got better, leading me to think it was maybe some sort of vitamin/mineral deficiency. But then the problem went away... Anyone have any idea what this could be?

favorite cartoons

I just wrote this page about the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon.

I really surprised myself. Thought I'd be done in a paragraph or two, but once I started thinking about it, lots of memories came up about the show.

So my questions are these:
  • What are your favorite cartoons, ever?

  • How much could you write about them, if you got started?

  • Are there any cartoons you could write about endlessly (or almost), and why?


(no subject)

How do you align text on the same line to both the right and left of the page, in Microsoft Word?

For example, in this resume, there's information on the left, and the location and date is on the right.

And tabbing over or using the space bar aren't options, because when I do either of those, the document prints out odd.
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(no subject)

Two questions for you Rammstein fans..

Why was the original Herzeleid cover so "controversial" or whatever that it needed to be changed before being sent to America? O_o; It's just topless guys.. right? XD;

And why weren't all 6 Sehnsucht covers distributed in America? Why only Schneider?

(no subject)

what do you think would happen if everyone on LJ made their journal 'public' for a day? / if your journal is private[friends only], what do you think some reactions would be to your entries?
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in reference to this....

THIS is me now and now and now and now. (and now).

What do you think? The chicka that did my hair also straightened it..so it will probably never again be that straight... so imagine it with waves and more frizz and that's me!

thanks for all you guy's help :)
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FTP stuff

I have a few website questions... is my new site. I was originally on Homestead.com, which is being a total bitch about everything. The domain hasn't been transferred yet, but I'll get to that.

1) I know how the FTP works, but are there certain folders with special permissions i should know about? Why is it that some of the graphics I upload just don't show up on the site? I'm aware of the case sensitive issues and fixed all those, but the images in some folders just refuse to show up, even when I try and view them separately. The help files say nothing about this. What's going on?

3) Who do I contact to change a DNS, whatever that is, and what do I ask them if the server people aren't very nice on a normal day? I understand I need to do that to have the domain name (http://www.arikatt.com) point to my new site (, but I have no clue how this works or who needs to do what. The people at my new server have been very helpful, but there's only so much they can answer.

Please yell at me if I'm missing something obvious. I've been working with the shitty crap Homestead for years, and this is my first attempt at using an FTP with a *real* web host. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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