April 25th, 2004

Two unrelated questions

1. I have the dimensions of a room and I want to make a floor plan. Does anyone know of any websites that allow you to plug in information and get a floor plan? Or is anyone reallly good at that kind of thing and willing to help me if I give you the info?

I found a couple shareware programs, but I don't want to download them because I've had bad experiences with downloading vicious adware/spyware along with innocent looking shareware.

2. I am going to Europe (England, France, and Italy) in a few weeks and I was thinking about getting an international prepaid calling card so I can call my boyfriend. But would a card purchased in the US work out okay over there? Or should I get something over there?

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

I've recently come to a conclusion that seems to be unpopular, but with which I can find no flaws. Bush threatened Iraq with violence if they did not allow weapons inspections in their country. It is widely accepted that one reason that we attacked Iraq was the possibility that they were hiding nuclear weapons from us, and we wanted to prevent a possible future attack.

My question is.... why shouldn't Iraq be allowed to have nuclear weapons? The United States enjoys the ability to make and house nuclear bombs, as well as giving nuclear weapons to Israel. Doesn't Iraq deserve the same privilege? They have not directly threatened to use them on us, and if they did in fact attempt to do so, it would be absolute suicide. Just because we disagree with some of the actions of the nation, what right do we have to deny them the same protection we have?

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More computer problems..

This time they might be genuine.
I take pretty good care of my compi. I have virus checker programs, cleaning ones..It's all happy. But recently my browser has been shit. My entire computer is very very slow. My Explorer stubbornly refuses to load any images. And pages take a buttload to load (no pun).

I've been thinking of reformatting..for other reasons..But I want to dely that option for a while.

Anything I can do?
I mean, I'm running scans and nothing works.
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I'm enjoying a glass of nice, sparkling chardonnay pinot noir, and two questions occured to me:

1) How does wine become sparkling?
2) Why don't I encounter sparkling red wine?

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quoted from the "rules" of this community..."Yahoo.com and Google can also help you find answers to your questions." does this mean...go there before you ask a question?

personally i think thats kinda stupid. isnt part of being in a community to have fun? why go straight to a search engine and bore yourself when you can ask it here in be interactive with others. besides, i bet most of the questions asked here can be googled.