April 24th, 2004

camera question!

hi there!

how do i change the Shutter speed on my camera, it's a pentax mz-60 (Zx-60 in america). usually i just have it set on 'action' when i want to take photos of something moving fast. but it's still kind of blurry?

anyone know anything?

thanks as always. in advance !
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hi !

I'm planning on buying a bass guitar of a friend of mine, because i want to take up a new hobby.
i've always wanted to learn a musical instrument.

i've always wanted to learn, the accordian (captain pugwash theme! yay!), violin, guitar (acoustic then electric) , piano, trumpet, saxaphone and ofcourse. the bass.

which of these should i start on first?

thanks in advance!
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list of names?

I need a huge list of first and last names, with minimal duplication of last names, for a project I'm working on. I just need names, though if someone knows of a huge list of, say, baseball stats over the years I can parse the file and throw out the data I don't need.

Or what would really be useful, is a spammers list of email addresses with names, as that would probably provide more than enough unique names for my purposes.(I'll be throwing out and immediately deleting the email addresses, I have no need for them, I just need the names).

Ideally I'd need this in plain text format, though html/XML or something similar I could work with too. Or a publically(legally so please) accessible database.

Anyone have anything I can use or know where I could find it for free?

2 unrelated questions:

1. Here's what happened: I dropped my cell phone into the water (dont ask! =)) and took it out a few seconds later. Wiped it out as carefully as I could. It was on for a minute or so, and then it died (ie. the screen went blank). I thought I totally screwed it up. Later on (6+ hours later), however, I tried recharging the battery, and the phone turned on as usual. It acted a bit weird -- the screen was kinda flashing for some time, but then it stopped and the phone looked fine after that. In a few minutes, though, when I looked at it again, the screen was blank again, and no signs of the battery being charged appeared (the screen is supposed to be on, and there should be a red light at the top). Well I repeated my actions but the screen keeps on going blank.. Is my battery dead?

2. How do you change the default font in MS Word? I cannot stand Times New Roman, but changing it every time is a pain in the ass as well :S

Thanks a lot!


my junior prom is 1 month away.
boys are fuddy duddies, and me and my friends (who i promise, are all wonderful attractive girls) remain dateless, because the boys arent asking. which is ridiculous. and we hate them.
so... how long do you think we should wait before we give up and ask them?
(im not willing to let our stubborness last so long that we end up going stag.)

has anybody used a super-fast over the counter tooth whiting system? i get my braces off 2 days before the dance... and im worried im going to have white squares on my teeth. i can deal with the sensitivity, i just want something gauranteed to work.
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(no subject)

1) Why are people super-sensitive (in a bad way) to certain types of sounds? Like nails on a chalkboard, for most people — for me, the sound of certain materials (a backpack strap, or the material windbreakers are made of) brushing against something is just horrible. Why is that?

2) When books have clips of another language in them — like, for example, all the French clips in Lolita — and they're translated to the language that the clips are in, what do they do? Put the bits in quote marks? Or do they just not worry about it and let it go? (I imagine that would be weird, since the French-quoting was such a large bit of Humbert Humbert's character …)

(no subject)

i have dark brown hair (with a very faint dark red tint [from dying]), and i'm looking
to dye it a light-reddish blonde shade (similar to the shade of nicole kidman's hair
in these pictures: one, two, three, four)

so, the question is: how would i go about doing this? i can't really recall
seeing a hair dye of such a color, so would i have to dye my hair blonde and
then tint it reddish? i'm so tired of being a drab brunette.

(no subject)

did anyone watch third watch last night?
i dont regularly view the show, as I think most television is crap, but as I was channel surfing, it caught my attention.

does anyone know the name of the song that was playing in the first scene? or how I could find out?

(no subject)

Sometimes when I wake up during the middle of the night, I'll pull my legs up to snuggle under the covers, but find that when I bend my knees up, I get this excruciating pain in my calves. I have to stretch them out for a few minutes before the pain will stop. This has occurred atleast twice this week. Last night it happened, and today my calves have been hurting all day. Now my achille's tendon is hurting as well.

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, because every time I go to the doctor's, the doctor feels my calves and asks if they've been hurting. They never hurt before I go, so I never remember to tell her. I never got asked this before I went on birth control, but I really doubt that its. The last time I asked my mom about it, she said I was going through a growth spurt... The area is my upper calve, like near my knee and the middle of my calve... oh, and, like I said, now my achille's tendon too.

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Whatever happened to tardblog.com? I assume something happened and they had to stop maintaining the site, but I didn’t read it regularly enough to ever find out about advanced warning. Does anyone know?