April 22nd, 2004


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Don't you hate it when you accidentally bite the inside of your cheek, and then it swells a little so then you keep on accidentally biting it over and over? Ow.

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This question is a bit...different. For the biology people out there.

When a human female menstruates, she is shedding the lining of her uterus and the unfertilized egg. During this time, she (usually) cannot get pregnant.

So why, then, do female dogs bleed during their fertile time? Is there something I'm missing? I would figure a mammal would be similar in that respect. Or is the bleeding marking the end of her season?

(This was prompted by my dog, Bonnie, coming into heat).

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does anyone else have floaters in their vision? i've always had minor ones, but starting last fall i've been noticing at least one new one, right in the center of my vision, always whipping around and annoying the HELL out of me, especially when looking at white paper or when in a white room. i've heard they never go away.... has anyone had one go away? or do you get used to them after a few years or something? it makes me feel like i'm going blind, sometimes it makes me want to cry.

A Persuit for Understanding

I'm not asking this to be cheeky or start an LJ political war, seriously - I really want to hear other standpoints... because I just cannot understand why people support what is going on in America right now (namely, how Bush and his current regime that is running our country). I don't like not being able to even *see* the other side of the story so I'm panicing a tad...

So here's a request for all you Bush supporters/Republicans on the board...

What do you see that I don't?

Be honest

Interesting question they're talking about on the radio.

Say you've been married to someone, or dating them for a good while, or if you are married or in a LTR, just think about it.

You find out through some source that your significant other used to be a hooker/prostitute. They used to sell their bodies on the street. It has been about 10 years since they last did it.

How much would this affect you? Would you want out of the relationship? Would this affect your sexual relationship with your SO? 10 years is a long enough time and people do change, and maybe they had to hook to make ends meet or pay for college or something.

Do you confront them about their past? Do you make a big deal that they didn't tell you? For the sake of the arguement, let's say you know they're virus-free and not carrying any STDs.

My answer is below
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From the same radio show

You're dating someone new, and you really, really like them. Everything's clicking, and the chemistry is the strongest you've ever felt with another person. Before you get around to having sex, he/she reveals to you that they have a fetish. Let's say they're into feet, and they can't get aroused unless they suck on your feet, and before every intimate session, part of the foreplay has to involve them sniffing your hoof.

The question is, is this a deal breaker? Would you continue the relationship for as long as you could? Or would you sever it early because this is too big to get past? Or would you not care, as there's more to romance than just sex?

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Deja vu

Why do you think we get feelings of deja vu, particularly when you know for sure that you can never have been in that situation before?
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How can I get rid of the cellulite around my buns and thighs (especially the back). I already work out and eat properly, but it doesn't seem to do a damn thing!
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When I boot my computer up in Windows 98 (which is what I pretty much always do, because that's where all my files and programs are) and I click on either Mozilla or Internet Explorer to use the internet, nothing happens, even though I used Mozilla with no problem last night. It's not an internet connection problem, because I can use yahoo messenger or aol IM with no problem, and other programs open with no difficulty.

Why will these programs, Mozilla and IE, not open for me?

When I boot up in Windows HP, Internet Exp still works (I don't have Mozilla in my Windows HP so that's not relevant).

What's going on? I defragged my computer, still doesn't work. I turned the computer off for four hours, still doesn't work. I did a virus scan on Mozilla, nothing. I did a complete scan of the computer, nothing.

Any ideas?

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For anyone out there who wears contacts, if you put them in your eyes in the morning, do you ever find by maybe 6 or 7 at night, they become dry and soar, and blurry? If so, what can I do aside from taking them out?

Also, if you do take them out, have you ever ound them so dry, that it is painful? What can I do then to take them out?
Sexy black-haired woman

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I have a very bad back--I don't know how that happened because I'm only 16--but it's really weak and I can't do any abdominal workout things because it feels like my lower back is doing all the work and it hurts like crazy. Does anyone have any ideas for ab workouts I could do that won't hurt my back?
(I've tried putting a pillow under my lower back but it doesn't help)

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do you think it's ok for a woman to use sex to get [material] things?

is it wrong to make fun of your friend because he was so stupid as to get some random chick pregnant? ok that was rhetorical. i mean, he's still our friend, and we really do pity him, but it was his own damn fault. he really should have known better. ...poor bastard.

at what point do you think a person should seek help for depression?

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im going to get a small tattoo before too long. i want it in a place where it will show easily, but i also need to easily cover it with something (say sleeves or a bracelet/cuff if its on my arm someplace).

any suggestions?
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techie question

how do you hook up a VCR and DVD player so as to record something from the DVD onto tape? i've tried hooking the AV-out on the DVD to the AV-in on the VCR, and then AV-out on the VCR to AV-in on the TV. it doesn't work. what do i need to do to get it to work?
(and for the record, i'm not infringing on any copyright. i'm making a portfolio and one of the projects i need to put on it is on DVD [and no, i can't put it all on DVD, that's an even bigger pain])