April 21st, 2004


The Princess Bride

I have seen the Princess Bride many times, and am now on my second read through of the book. My question is, was there really an original book written by S. Morgenstern that William Goldman abridged, or did he write the whole thing from scratch? I have tried Googling it, but get really mixed answers. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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look down


i bought these awesome blue pants.
they are made out of hemp.
so they smell kind of hempy.

anything i could spray on or something to limit the odor?

i was thinking fixitif for art but im not sure.


why are there always these white chalky lines on my clothes when i pull them out of the closet? is that laundry detergent?


in regard to brutal CNN pictures

How is it that after thousands of years of evolution and change, supposed civilized men are still no more civil than common animals? In fact, even animals don't kill each other in the rate that we're going.

Are we simply too intelligent and too opinionated to live in peace? Is the only way to avoid physical clashes, such as ones seen around the world these days, conformity? Just think, if people were all the same, we would not be trying to convince the others of our religious and social opinions by threatening them with death.

Why are we the most uncivilized civilization?
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sugar high

on Monday, I didn't eat anything past five o'clock. The next morning, I didn't eat any breakfast. When I got to school I drank a 1 liter Cherry Coke and ate a small package of Twizzler's. In my French class, I ate M&Ms. Later, I had a small package of cookies and a bottle of water, and when I got home, I ate spagetti.

I know that I had an insane amount of sugar and caffine, but when is it all going to get out of my system? I feel jumpy and my heart's beating really fast. I'm kind of freaked out.
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(no subject)

someone receintly asked a question about the card you get in the mail when you register to vote...my question is, i recently received my card, but lost it. do i really even need it?

(no subject)

OK I'm not too sure of what to do in this situation.

I'm currently in a job which has great pay, fantastic hours and great people to work with. However I hate the actual job content which is telemarketing. It's been really getting me down and I've only been in the job 4 months. Also I was looking for overtime in the summer (sounds dumb I know) but they don't offer it during the summer months when college is out.

The situation with the work as well is that if I'm not performing to a certain level I get kicked out anyway.

I picked up an application for something in retail the other day, should I just fill it out and send it back? Or tell my manager I'm unhappy and want to leave? I really don't know what to do.
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Isabella Soprano

(no subject)

it's graduation time again, and I remember getting a book of advice about going to college, but are there words of advice for those graduating college? I'm drawing a blank...
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horse + donkey = mule. i know the mom always has to be the horse, because if a little donkey would have a really tough pregnancy with a massive horse hybrid inside her.

my question is this: what would happen if the donkey was the mom? even if the actual mating was physically impossible, they could artificially inseminate. then what would happen with the pregnancy? would the mom reach a point where she just collapses and can't get up for a few weeks when she has the foal? or would the baby just grow until it runs out of room and just stay all cramped? or would the mom slowly split her uterus? or would the mom stretch? would she be able to hold all that weight?

on the same note, i'm also curious what would happen if we artificially inseminated a female daschund with the semen of a male saint bernard.
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(no subject)

oh great. I got something in the mail today for jury duty. *screams*

ANYWAY, how many of you have had to do it? what was it like? did anyone actually enjoy it?

I'm so glad next week is finals, because if I had to go during school I'd be so screwed, but my job is easy to take time off from. hopefully it's just a simple case, and we're done quickly (but whenever I hear jury duty, I think of that movie with Tony Danza - Twelve Angry Men or something?)

web buttons

Okay, I've given up. I've googled and endured two hours worth of going through pages looking for web buttons.

I just need a page that has "blank" web buttons that I can download and edit in Photoshop or the gimp.

Anyone have some links for me?
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random//my dumb face

I waited so late!

I NEED to order this tonight, so I was hoping for a few opinions.

I'm doing a costume and I was wanting to know which wig looked better, in other people's opinions. I just don't know.

Collapse )

Thank you SO MUCH to anyone who offers advice!
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alrighty, i have a few...

1) do you write notes on your taxes to the IRS?
2) how many of your bills do you pay online? do you print out copies? (does that defeat the purpose?)
3) what's the best breed of small-medium dog (under 80 lbs), that doesnt yap and is well suited for apartments?

wow hi!


I have a problem with windows xp, I keep getting that "messaging service" pop-ups! damn it! i dont want hardcore gay teen smut :( :( :(

thank you as always, in advance!
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when we sparkle

Yay for run-on sentences!

I need to dye my hair black for something on Saturday, but I don't want it to stay that way very long, so I'm looking for a temporary hair dye that would work on medium brown hair that doesn't require bleaching and will wash out before 26 washes because I need it back to it's original colour by the middle of May. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I have already tried the Type 1 (5-12 washes) dye from Clairol. Also, my hair's almost three feet long, so I can't use a spray or something similar to that because it would become too stiff.

Thanks in advance :)

staying with the theme...

I use MSN the newest version. I don't know if it's a bug of a sort, as microsoft is known for. But now and then even though the settings are set for otherwise, the windows messenger automatically logs on. It sometimes will log me off MSN and log on windows messenger. Is there an option to uninstall windows messenger? I can't seem to find it...
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(no subject)

I could have SWORN I just saw someone ask this a few days ago, but I went back and checked and couldn't find me, so forgive me (or link me) if this is a recent repeat. Anyways, the question is, is there any way to uninstall Internet Explorer? I use Mozilla, but I'll still randomly get IE popups and it's maddening. (And I have swept my computer with Spybot, so I have no clue where this stuff is coming from.)

Also, just so this isn't ALL repeat questioning: If you could own any one unique object in the world, what would it be? By "unique" I mean, say, Indiana Jones' fedora as opposed to just a fedora. My pick was the Winchester House.
random//my dumb face


Right, I was only half paying attention and just caught the end of it all, but on South Park was that Kenny that they got to replace Blanket? o_O
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could anyone tell me how to uninstall windows xp?

someone just gave me a computer, only it's in another language so i was going to uninstall windows and reinstall it in english, only i don't know how to do any of it.