April 19th, 2004

look down

help me please.

i feel like making the most of my day tomorry. what should i do? seriously, tell me... so far all i can think is that i have to do laundry so ill go to the laundromat and start it, then get some coffee at the coffee shop right by there, and do some writing and reading while i wait for the laundry. i guess i should clean but the thought of that blows donkey balls - a donkey who dips his balls in dolphin semen, mind you. ew that donkey is fucking crazy.

i have no car. it might be nice to meet new people. and being creative would be nice.

sooo???? what do you do to make the most of the day?

head banging

Domestic woes

Scenario 1
I had this vacuum cleaner and I had used it quite often and one day, part of the plug of the vacuum cleaner and the socket which i plugged into it melted a bit and some fumes came out of it. I quickly switched off the whole thing.

My place is rented so I am calling the landlord early next week.

My questions:
1) Does anybody know how much would it cost to replace an entire socket?
2) Is it technically my fault? (unfortunately the vacuum cleaner is no longer under any kind of warranty but it's only a couple of months over a year old)

Scenario 2
Does anybody have any good ways of getting rid of cockroaches?

I have tried different types of sprays and baits and they all did not seem to do that much except for making me really sick :P Unfortunately my suburb has an issue with cockroaches but at the same time, I am tired of seeing many around (it's so freaking gross)
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Kill Bill

It says right on the box that Kill Bill Vol 1 is Quentin Tarantino's fourth film, but is Kill Bill Vol 2 his fifth, or is it still his fourth? Weren't they both shot together as one film and he split it into two?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to hire movers for just the move IN to a place, not the move OUT? In other words, we will have help to move things out of our apartment, but once we drive to our new location, there will only be two people helping us.

Is there any company that will come and just unload a truck into an apartment?

(no subject)

How do you eat a donut? I pick the pieces off into bite size...a little messy depending on the donut...specially if chocolate is only on the top.
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(no subject)

is it possible for your regular doctor to prescribe birth control pills, or do you have to go to a gynocologist?

*and before anyone says anything, i know you should go to a gynocologist if you're having sex anyway. i'm just wondering if it's possible to get the pill from your regular doctor. thanks. :)
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Community name suggestions?

I'm creating a community and I'm hitting a brick wall just trying to name the damn thing.

To give only sketchy details, it involves music, movies, books, and hopefully should take on a very interactive feel.

I want a sort of "club-like" name...maybe something with the word "lounge" in it.

Any suggestions for a user/community name?

I'd be happy to give credit.
I'm beyond stumped.
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How long will it last?

My husband and I have a 1998 Chevy Lumina (6 cyl). It has like 99,600 miles on it--about 30% of those are highway miles. We are anal about oil changes and keeping it in tip top shape. It runs really well.

I am curious because this is the only car we have.

(no subject)

To anyone who has dyed there hair....

1) How do you get the dye on your skin off??
) If your scalp itches while you are waiting for it to set, how do you scratch it without getting yuor fingers covered with dye?

(no subject)

i'm writing a paper on terrorism.

can someone tell me if tony blair and/or jacques chirac give speeches
every year similar to the u.s.' state of the union?
and if so, do you know where i could find transcripts of them online?

squeak squeak

Is there any way to stop your shoes from squeaking? Both pairs of sandals I have worn to school recently squeak LOUDLY when I walk down the hall. They are not wet at all. Why? and how do I make it stop?
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(no subject)

You're elected as a part of the "Most Intellectual" group for senior class favorites.
You're taking pictures - What kind of props would you bring?
My friend is wearing a sweatshirt for the college he's going to attend next year...but I don't have any clothing/accessories for the school I'm going to attend...any [fun] ideas?
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(no subject)

I'm writing a paper about Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay," and I'm having trouble with one part. I'm writing about the part where "Eden sank to grief," and it's relationship with life's cycles, and how all good things come to an end. I keep deleting sentences because I just can't organize my thoughts. does anyone have any ideas about it, and its deeper meaning? thanks a lot, I hate being stuck like this!
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Which of the Seven Deadly Sins do you commit the most often?

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ok, so i just hired out Texas chainsaw massacre (the remake!)
and i was just wondering, that old footage the end. it wasnt real. was it??

it was 'inspired' by a true story :(((

also, I havent seen the original texas chainsaw massacre, is it any good? :)

thanks :)
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(no subject)

1. What are some important things you would need on a "camping trip" (as in, hanging out with your friends in the city forest for a night)?

2. Where could a person buy an authentic catholic school girl outfit? (where do the real school girls get them?)

3. What are some fun things you could do with a friend that don't involve the mall or movies?