April 18th, 2004

Gnome Prince

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I am finishing my nine-week student teaching next week. It is expected but never explicitly stated (I would have done this anyway, even if it WASN'T expected because I'm like that) that student teachers give gifts to their mentor teachers to thank them for 1) letting you take over their classes, and 2) all their expertise and advice.

The thing is, I had three mentor teachers, which means that though I took over one of each of their classes, I never really had the time or opportunity to really get to know any of them really well.

Any ideas for an appropriate thank-you gift (and since I have three to give, I'd prefer them to be not too expensive) for three people (BTW, two men and a woman) who I don't really know all that well? Before you say something like "school supplies", I'll stop you right there. I don't want to give them something quite so practical.

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Ok, this is hard to explain, but I love hearing people's views on this... I call it the Colour Theory. What if, this whole time, your idea of blue, was different from my blue? Like, when you were born, we both were looking at a cherry, we both learned it was called red, and so if someone asks us what colour it is, we say red. HOWEVER, the red you learn as red, is a different colour?

Do you follow?

cell phones

If you use Nextel:
How long have you been using it? Do you think the phone part works well? My sister thinks the radio works good but the phone part sucks. Have you used Nextel but then switched because you thought it sucked?

If you use MetroPCS:
How long have you been using it? How do you feel about reception and the areas it covers? Have you used MetroPCS but switched because you thought it sucked?

Where do you usually use your cell phone?
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Would it be possible to keep a human as a "pet" for less money than it would be to keep a dog?

Would a human be better for a pet than a dog?

Would it be legal (not counting housewives/husbands)?

I mean, they're potty-trained, they actually speak, and if they're like me, they're cuddly and eat less food than an actual dog does. I'd love being a pet. =)
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This is somewhat random, but what the hell....

In London, is there a pub named The Green Man? Or a place called that?
I was in Europe when I was 13 (such a long time ago...) and I thought I saw one there, although it might have been in another country.
That is my father's online handle and if that place does exist, I would like to bring him there when he visits me next year while I am studying in London.
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im looking for a website that details classroom seating...
its psychology page about which personality types sit where.
i cannot find what im looking for anywhere.
does anyone have any any ideas as to where i should search?
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1)Do weight loss tapes/CDs actually work?

I know a lot of people are going to read that question and think "Why doesn't she eat less/exercise more?" but to be honest I have an incrediably hectic lifestyle. I can leave the house at 8am and not be back until 9pm at night. Plus I'm at college so I have studying at home as well. Once that's done I don't have much energy left except to flop into bed. Which, if they actually work, means weight loss tapes would be a good idea.

2) How easy is it to susbscribe to an American magazine from the UK?

I really like Animerica but they only deliver issues once in a blue moon to my local bookstores. I'm considering a subscription but as I've never subscribed to a magazine outside of the UK I don't know what to expect!

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I play almost all my music through my computer, and I was wondering if there is a way to have my computer's music (I mainly use windows media player) turn on at a certain time--like an alarm radio?

Any ideas?
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I've tried googling this before but I didnt find anything.

does anyone know who the people are on the face cards on a deck?

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Also, I know that european decks of cards have different suits. What are they and do the face cards on those (if they are any different from the ones we have in the US) have the faces of people who really existed on them?