April 17th, 2004


United Kingdom

LOL, okay seriously.. for those of you in the UK, would any of you be nice enough to let me live with you for 2 weeks? You see I have a summer program in England but it ends July 24th, then I plan to do a Tall Ship Adventure but it doesn't start until August 6th. I'm in a bit of a pickle!
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It's long and drawn out but the gist is I'm frustrated about never getting to hang out with her alone. It's always her and a friend, her and 2 friends, her and 3 friends. I like them all but while we aren't dating, we are stilling "talking" and everyone else in that process seems to be paired off alone doing that. And I don't get why can't we.

We did discuss not doing the things, that couples do since we aren't dating and agreed not to hold hands or cuddle any more but it's been happening anyway...well up until this week. I still want to get to know her and become a better friend first but even friends spend time alone. I don't even wana do anything, just chill.

agg..Read for MUCH MORE Detail and Insight.

LunchboxMelody: I just can never tell any more on this thing.
deanyad: its okay...breathe
LunchboxMelody: okay I'm breathing.
deanyad: good.
LunchboxMelody: I declare that tomorrow we go on soe sorta walk but no stopping like before, cause it's really really nice out and I have my camera and you still owe me a picture.
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As some of you may have guessed, I've been sick for about the past 3 or so days. My throat has been killing me! I woke up today and my voice is TOTALLY gone.. I barely even squeak! But my throat feels so much better! Isn't that weird?
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Fashion or offensive?

Ok, so I have a question for everyone--

Why is it that girls give other girls dirty looks when they wear short skirts?
Me and two of my friends were out last night and this one girl was getting really offensive to my friend because of her skirt.
Is it possible that good old Erie, PA isn't up with the times? Is it that some girls think it's slutty when the guys are more then fine with this particular wardrobe selection? Also, does the style matter as well? I had one on too, it was one of those cotton tennis skirt type deals from Abercrombie.

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