April 16th, 2004


webcam software

i've recently aquired a webcam.(discount bin @ officemax)
i've managed to get it setup.(no drivers cd, or box)

i'm looking for some software.(the stuff that come with it sucks)
i need somthing to stream (or somthing to fake streaming)

also, i wonder if there is anything that will just run, grab a single still shot, save to file, and close.
so i can setup a security type cam thing. i'll write my own software to schedule it. someone said somthing about twain.

if you have a cam, or deal with them,
what do you use?

Addressing e-mails

If you're sending an e-mail (not forwarding junk mail, but a real e-mail) to several people, be it work related or personal, what do you use for a greeting? I've used various things in the past— "Hi All," "Hello Everyone,"— but that always sounds kind of silly to me. Does anyone have any good collective greetings?

(no subject)

Do you think its a waste of time applying for a job in a city you don't know if you are moving to or not?

What is the name of that song by Genesis where the video was a bunch of charactature puppets (at the end a puppet of reagan accidentally pushes the nuclear bomb button)?

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Hi :-)

I was just wondering if any of you could recommend me an effective and fairly simple detox plan? I'm looking for one lasting perhaps 2-4 weeks and that can be done with simple supermarket food, none of these complicated supplements!

I've been getting patches of dry skin and just feeling generally run down, so I quite fancy giving my body a bit of a break from everything just to see if it makes any difference. And obviously, if it will make me lose a few pounds that can only be a bonus.

Anyone tried one that has worked? Ideally one with clear instructions that I can download from somewhere, or a published book perhaps.
Thanks xx

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What would you do?

My mother is chronically ill and has a 17 year old Shi Tzu. The dog is a mess and in need of grooming in a major way. I want to take her to a groomer, but she needs her shots, but my mom refuses to let the dog get her shots because she is embarrassed of the condition she is in. If I did it behind her back (which would be obvious because she would come home from the hospital with a perfectly groomed dog), she would be very upset and humiliated and feel betrayed.

Any advice?

Does anyone know of a website that teaches how to groom a knotty old Shi Tzu? (long shot, I know)
tank girl


I was talking to my gym teachers yesterday and they always joke about my pants. I wear these HUGE pants..that are tight around my teeny waist and then the bottom is around 42"..

They said that I'm trying to bring these pants back to life. They called these huge kinda pants elephant something? Am I imagining it? The teachers are in their 50's so anyone know of any kinda pants like that during their lifetime?

I'm really looking for the name of 'em.

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A few unrelated questions:

1: Is Black REALLY a color? Considering it's the absence of color and light.

2: How do you cross your arms? Right hand tucked in? Left arm tucked in? Both hands under armpits? What?

3: What does "Jive Turkey" mean? As far as I'm concerned, Turkey is a "nickname" people call someone sometimes. (I do that, anyway.) But what is "Jive?" Dancing is the only other term I've heard for it.

4: On average ( as in don't say "It depends" ), how long does it take you to read a book?

5: Just out of boredom, will you tell me a joke or give me a riddle or a puzzle of some sort?

6: I've run out of questions.