April 15th, 2004

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Okay, this is a strange question but its driving me crazy.

Does anybody remember a type of snack that looked like a peanut but... it had the hardish shell that was slighty sweet and inside was soft chocolate? What is it called/What brand puts it out?

Oh, and computer related question number 65443: Once and awhile, my monitor will just flick to black but then go right back. Uh, what is this and is it possible to fix?

Followup & Series 7

re: Which razor should I use?: I went with a Braun 5790, and I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks for the suggestions!

New business: Series 7: The Contenders

Is this movie a remake of something else? I thought I heard of it before 2001, and a friend swears she saw a poster for a nearly identical movie while living in Chicago in the early 90's.

(Anyone know of another group that might be a better place to ask?)

My bed

So my bed is on wheels and when I'm in it, sometimes it moves. That is a problem. I don't really have anything heavy to put in front of all six wheels to stop it that way. I was thinking maybe I should put little squares of carpet under the wheels to create more friction than the wood floors. What (easy and inexpensive) thing do you think I should do to stop my bed from travelling and disturbing my neighbors below?
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this sorta counts as a question... =)

I'm getting my hair cut and colored (perhaps highlighted) on monday. I'm going to spend a significant amount of money to do this, but I feel it's important - and I really want a change.

So yeah, what should I do? I'm thinking redish or brown highlights with just layers, lots of layers. What do you think?

here's a good pic of me, kinda old and not very big..but my hair is just about that length. And about that color.

this and this are two OLD pics of when courtney cut my hair in california. The color was more dark red, and I'm not coloring my hair like that..but what do you think of the length? Please note my hair will never look like that again, she blow dried it REALLY well... even when I blow dry my hair it ends up a bit curly.

this was taken..uhm... I don't know, a few months ago.. it's been trimmed since then, but it's probably just a bit shorter than that now.

ugh. this is a terrible picture...but yeah. hair!

and this is how frizzy my hair normally is!

also, i think my hair looks cute here.

I'm sick of looking at pictures of me. Let me know what you guys think, if anything. I just want to keep most of the length, if possible, but I'm open to going shorter.

Thanks!!!! You guys rock.
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a friend of the family is staying with us for a couple of days
= an 11 year old boy
my parents are at work so it's just the two of us all day.
it's getting boring...
we've watched tv... DVDs...

what are some other activities we can do?

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We're going to Chicago this weekend, and hotel checkout is noon but our train to come back home doesn't leave until 7pm.  So I was wondering. . . . . does anyone have any thoughts on what we could do with our luggage?  I think we're gonna be able to fit it all, so that both of us only take 1 duffel bag (and maybe a bookbag). . . . and was hoping that maybe the train station has lockers we could put them in or something.  I'm just thinking I don't know how many stores, or how many of the sights or whatever would appreciate duffel bags. . . . . and I don't know how much <i>we'd</i> appreciate carrying them around for nearly 7 hours. . . .

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has anyone played Pirates of the Caribbean for PC? Would ye mind helping me out a bit? I keep getting attacked out a sea, and no matter what I do, I keep dying. I can't move forward or even backward, and I barely get any attacks of my own in. Please help.
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I am the own of three cats. This one, Tula, is the youngest and I didn't get her too long ago. She's maybe 4 or 5 months old. She has a problem. She passes a lot of gas. And I do mean alot. Is this some type of nervous thing she has?

Or could it be something else? Is it harmful to her?
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ignorance is bliss?

i was talking with my second half about ignorance. ignorance (the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed) they say is bliss. i fnid this totally wrong. 'what you dont know wont hurt you' is one thing, but ignorance being bliss? ignorance, to me, is in its own sate.

what is your oppinion on this?
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Okay, here's a practical question, for once.

I'm having problems with my InterVideo Win DVD player. My player only plays Region 1 DVDs, but I now need it to switch. The setup says that reinstalling the same program will not reset the Region. Therefore, I need to find a new version to install. I've looked online, but haven't found anything...which doesn't mean much. Is there some place online that will let me download another copy of the program?

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Why do some cars have one headlight that's significantly brighter than the other?

These cars all over the road, and I'll tell ya...it's a bitch to drive in front of one of them at night. It's like one headlight is permanently on the "Bright" setting while the other one is doing its normal thing.