April 14th, 2004

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some guys told me that getting slapped in the face is horribly degrading, and they'd actually prefer a kick in the nuts than a slap in the face.

my question is for guys: would YOU prefer from an angry girl a slap in the face of a kick in the nuts? and you can't say neither!
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Its about a guy, who did that thing...

I'm going out on a HUGE limb here, and asking you guys this because it's driving me nuts and what do I have to lose? Who knows, I may strike gold. I'm searching for this particular website that was composed of a ton of digital art this person did. Done in a way it looked more like computerized photographs than anything else. His name is an utter blank(or else I'd be able to find him) but I seem to remember his first and/or last name starting with a K. And he was danish/german/dutch something along those lines. Two images of his that stand out in my mind is one of a table, and on that table there is a bottle of alcohol and an ashtray with a cig in it. The other one is mainly gray wide stairs, with a single pink flower on it.

If anyone tells me what this guys name is, or can point me off in the direction of digital drawing/rendering sites that are made to look realistic and I'm able to stumble upon him, I will give you my lipton. Seriously.

*edit* Its NOT Karin Kuhlmann, I got all excited when I saw the name, but alas, it is not so.

Bra question

What's the next cup size past DD? I, most unfortunately, think I need it. And how does one find bras to fit when one is very chesty, but rib cage is about normal? For some reason, lingerie companies seem to think that someone with my numerical size should only be a B or a C at most.

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I'm starting my own dog sitting/walking/training business, and I can't figure out a name for it!! I don't want to just name it after myself, or use my name in it at all. Can you help me think of a cute, catchy, yet professional sounding name for such a business? All I can think of is "Waggin' Tails", and that's already taken by a grooming business here. Help! And thanks!

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Since I woke up this morning I've had this really weird sensation in my chest/throat region, like there's some pressure in there, like built up air or something. My chest will occasionally feel like someone's squeezing at my heart and lungs, usually after bending over or something, and I feel like there's a lump in my throat. You know when you don't swallow water perfectly and a bit of air goes down with it, and it feels like a bubble in your throat? It feels like that, but when I burp, it doesn't go away! A couple times it's put enough pressure on my gag reflex area to make my mouth salivate the way it does before you puke. I just feel like I have to burp, but can't. My stomach and everything else feels fine. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Can you get gas buildup in your chest region?


Any of you chicagoans out there know of fun cheap things to do in the city (or surrounding area) this saturday? I'm a big fan of metromix.com, but thought I'd ask here as well . . .

Also does Chicago have something like London and New York where you can get super cheap theater tickets for same-day showings?

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Photography question...

This is a kind of weird, very "specialized" kind of question...I am taking photography at school. We use black and white film, and we develop everything ourselves. I noticed from the very beginning that my pictures were grainy...every single one. They got better when I tried adjusting various settings and using different film, as well as developing the negatives for less time, etc. But I never achieved real clarity. I wear daily disposable contact lenses and refuse to wear anything else. I have an astigmatism that's not fully corrected by these lenses, but it doesn't affect me enough to warrant getting different lenses or glasses in addition. However, my ability to focus is hindered by this. My teacher in photography and I did an experiment; we took the same picture, and we each developed the picture we took ourselves. Hers was still somewhat grainy, but clearer than pretty much all of mine. Mine, on the other hand, was incredibly grainy and just downright bad. Could my vision be the problem? I've taken so many pictures and never come up with a single clear one. I also have trouble focusing the picture onto the photography paper with my negative in the enlarger, so it's almost a double whammy; I can't focus the camera, and I can't focus the negative (if my vision is the problem). But could the camera be the problem? I've used the same camera the whole time. I am the only one with this problem and I find it incredibly frustrating.
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Menarche and Menopause

Hello everyone!

I'm doing a presentation for my Sexual Development class on the cross-cultural mentality and symbolism of menarche and menopause. If any ladies here would be willing to answer a few questions, I would be most grateful!

1.) What culture do you consider yourself to be predominantly a part of? (Example: American, English, Australian, African, Japanese, Chinese, whatever)

2.) How old are you?

3.) Have you already experienced menarche (the first menstrual period)?

4.) Have you already experienced menopause (permanent cessation of menstruation)?

5.) What sort of mentality did you have towards menarche before you experienced it? What is some of the symbolism in your culture associated with menarche ("becoming a woman", etc.)? Did your thoughts change after you experienced menarche?

6.) What sort of mentality did you have towards menopause before you experienced it? What is some of the symbolism in your culture associated with menopause ("losing womanhood", etc.)? Did your thoughts change after you experienced it?

7.) Do you consider yourself to be well-educated in women's health? Has your education been formal or self-taught?

8.) Do you know what happens biologically to women's bodies during menarche and menopause? Do you think this knowledge has altered your perceptions of menarche and menopause? Does your culture's view of why/how menarche and menopause happen stray from the scientific view (taking a more spiritual view, etc.)?

9.) If you have been through menarche, what are some important bits of wisdom you'd like to pass on to girls who have not experienced it?

10.) If you have been through menopause, what are some important bits of wisdom you'd like to pass on to women who have not experienced it?

11.) Is there anything else you'd like to add to the topic of the mentality and symbolism associated with menarche and menopause in your culture?

Thank you, ladies!!


I can tell... oooh yes, I'm ABOUT to get sick. You know that feeling don't you? Well anyway, I'm going on vacation in about a week, and I really rather not get sick .. since this is the only vacation I get in 6 months. Since I can't prevent getting sick right now, is there anything I can do to LESSEN the severity and longevity of it? Besides the simple stuff of resting, vitamin C and drinking tons of fluid. Thanks!

btw it's a cold, if that makes a difference.
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what is a cosplay? I posted a question yesterday morning about advice on a good and logical arguement to not give my loving, sweet boyfriend my measurements (doesn't much help with buying girl clothes anyway) and a couple people used the word cosplay. maybe i'm dumb or something, but i haven't the slightest.

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Are you a completely non-religious person who still believes that morals are not relative, but that there is a definite right and definite wrong? Or do you know of such a person?

I'm asking because I've never known a person who believed in definite right and wrong who wasn't somewhat religious, such as believing in karma, etc.
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Most unlikely place

Where is the most unlikely place that you have left your keys in?

I always have a special spot for my keys but somehow they are not there. I have been looking for them in my apartment for the whole day and I am running out of places to look in.
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