April 13th, 2004


A different kind of avatar creation

Hi all,

I'm currently very frustrated; I recently visited a website and didn't bookmark it and now I'm worried it's lost forever. Let me describe it, and hopefully one of you has been there recently and didn't pull a Me and leave it as suddenly as you arrived:

It's a face-creation site, that allows you to pick features like hairstyles, eyes, nose, etc. and create a photo-realistic face. All features are black and white, in a kind of pointillism style, but still quite realistic--and they're all mutable, by way of a small co-ordinate graph at the bottom left corner. There's a guestbook and a gallery of previously created faces, and it's truly quite astounding how plausible some of the faces are!

I stumbled across this website while on an endless friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend LJ hunt, and it would be an exercise in futility to try to retrace my steps. So if anyone knows the site I'm talking about, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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My electric razor died this morning (luckily, before I was halfway finished!).

Now I need to go shopping. What's best, electric or blade? And what kind?

I've been using a Remington R 845, but I wouldn't mind going to something that would cut a little closer.
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boyfriends buying clothes

Can someone please give me a well thought out logical argument that I can use to explain to my boyfriend why I will not divulge to him my measurements. He thinks that it is only reasonable that I give them to him so that he can buy me clothes in sizes that fit. That is, if he ever happened to want to buy me clothes again. He recently bought me a swim suit and the size was a little off. the suit is cute though and it isn't that big of a deal. I'll return it and get it in the right size. anyway, what is so wrong with gift certificates? I like shopping. letting me shop is gift enough, no?

receiving money thru PayPal

I bought baseball tickets online from a person and paid him through PayPal. He said he'd Fed Ex them to me so I'd get it in time but he lagged and they never came. He has agreed to pay me back, but if my PayPal account is not verified (no bank account on file) and he pays me back that way, does it just credit my credit card?
tank girl

Picnic/lunch foods

Can anyone suggest any good recipies for picnic or lunch foods?

I'm kind of sick of having the same PBJ and meat and cheese sandwiches all the time, I need some variety.
Maybe you guys can suggest certain salads or something that won't die if I have them in a container for a few hours?



Where can I find specific information about where the money to build the NYC Freedom Tower is coming from? (I don't need links to general sites, just the financial issues.)

Also, how can I get in touch with someone who is directly involved with funding the project?

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(no subject)

does this shirt in any way pertain to the misfits?

and if yes, would you have thought so if i hadn't suggested it?

people keep tellin me that's the guy from the misfits. i just bought the shirt because i like it. i don't like the misfits.

(no subject)

do you know anyone whose first name is 4 or more syllables?

the only names i can think of that are 4 or more syllables are from the bible, and no one names their kids that anymore (eg: jehosephat, zachariah, obadiah, etc . . .)

out of all the people i know, i think the longest 1st name is just 3 syllables!

side note: i once knew someone whose first name was just one letter!

?, a bunch of 'em

what is your religion?
don't have one? why not?
were you raised in that religion or did you choose it for yourself?
is faith a fundamental part of human nature?
do you consider catholicism a christian religion?

my bit:
i don't have one. i was raised in a fundamentalist type religion and started having trouble with it when i was seven. yeah, that young. and it was tough. now, i study religious history. its amazing how people can get some screwy ideas on any religion other than their own. for example, one woman in my religion class asked, "do catholics use the new testament?" (i shit you not) a class mate whispered to me, "of course they do, otherwise they'd be jews." i'm in the south and catholicism just is not the norm, so i guess i can't be too surprised that little is known. i was surprised at the fact that some fundamentalists don't consider catholicism to be christianity. O_o why did i skip the question on faith? because i haven't yet found an answer for that one.