April 12th, 2004


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Okay, let's say that I am leaving my spouse.

And I have gotten to a breaking point where I no longer wish to stay in this house. I want out NOW. I have a place to go. Spending one or two more nights in this house is the most I can possibly stand.

I do have a lot of things to move.

Would it be crazy for me to just get a truck and a bunch of friends and try to get as much as possible?

What do I do to keep my spouse from trying to stop me?

How do I handle an enraged spouse? How about a weepy one that doesn't understand why I'm leaving?

This is hard, but I need to be free NOW.
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how long should a laptop battery "live?" I don't mean a certain length of time when you're actually using it (say, 2 hours), but rather long term - when do you usually need a new one?

my IBM Thinkpad's battery is pretty shot (lasts about 10-15 minutes then dies), and I got the laptop in the fall of 2002. is this normal?
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A boy in my class made the most loud awful whistling noise I've ever heard. Ever since then my left ear has really been bothering me. It's numb and aches deep inside. It's been like this for about 45 minutes with no sign of relief. It almost feels like constant pressure.. like I'm underwater. I won't suffer permanent damage will I?
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I was wondering if anyone know of any good learning to speak Japanese tools e.g. books, tapes, websites etc.?

My exams finish in June and university doesn't start until October so I'm looking for something to keep my brain cells ticking over those four months. Also I'm a fan of anime so it would be nice to watch non subtitled pieces.

Any recommedations welcome especially those available to the UK :-)

i need a hairdo!!!

i need a hairdo for prom, and i need to go to the hairdresser place once before i actually go the day of to make sure i'm getting what i want. I NEED TO FIND A WEBPAGE THAT HAS PROM HAIRDOS, OR JUST HAIRDOS IN GENERAL SO THAT I HAVE A PICTURE TO SHOW THE HAIRDRESSER if it helps, i want an updo, but not at the top of my head, more like at the nape of my neck

accidental weight loss

i've recently lost 7 lbs in 1.5 days.
i'm known as the skinny girl.
and i have no idea where it all went...
or what i even lost...
my clothes still fit me,
although i'm still trying to determine if my boobs got smaller or not.
they look the same... i think.

did i just lose water weight or something??
what's up with this?
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My boyfriend and I have decided that we are going to go to The Sadie Hawkins Dance this Saturday night. The theme is the 80's, and I need some ideas for what to dress up as. I was thinking famous celeb couples from the 80s, regular movie stars or anything clever that we could dress up as. The other alternative is to match clothing..

So, my questions are:

 Do you have any ideas for a Sadie Hawkins Dance that has the theme of the 80's?

Any ideas of couples from the 80's?

 Have you ever gone to a Sadie Hawkins dance where you dressed up? What did you dress as?

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