April 11th, 2004

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How far into pregnancy do you start lactating?

How far do you have to be before your breasts start getting sore and achy?

And does your lower stomach, like you abdomen somewhere around there, start hurting when you're pregnant?
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What is your opinion of my e-mail I sent to the head of the rec center here on campus? I've been having a lot of problems with it being very overcrowded and other things (all detailed in the letter) lately, and I decided it's just too many things to not say something to someone about, even if it doesn't have any effect. I figured I'd put it here as well as my own journal and see if anyone else comes up with anything creative to add, or changes to my suggestions, or even if you're from this school and you have a differing opinion of their service. :)

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Has anyone ever played Dungeon Keeper II?
I'm on the single player..and..its like the fourth one with the skeletons and prisons..and I cant get past it. Not only am I constantly running out of money..But I can't seem to raise any skeletons to go and kill the damn fear traps.

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Three part question:

In an effort to not clog up this poor little community, I have three unrelated questions crammed into one little entry.

1) This morning as I was driving, one of my favorite songs came on the radio, but I lost the signal before I heard the artist/title. It's fairly upbeat and starts "Look around the world pretty baby/is it everything you hoped it would be?" and the chorus goes something like "Right time/wrong (something)" if I'm hearing it correctly.

Does anyone know this song title and/or artist?
Thank you!

Question 2:

I'm totally obsessed with my DVD Profiler and CD Tracker.

Does anyone know of any inventory software for books?

And finally:

Another obsession: those free frequent buyer/member cards and keychain cards you get at various stores. I've already scored some at CVS Pharmacy, Kroger/Payless Groceries, Hallmark, Blockbuster, and Marsh Grocery Store.

Anyone know of any national or midwestern stores that offer a free frequent buyer club card?

I know it's a lot. Thanks in advance.
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I posted in here awhile back about accidentally uninstalling my sound card. The only actually do-able thing I was told was to turn off the computer, take out the sound card, put it back in, and restart. Well, I popped the sucker open, but I have no idea where the sound card is. I guess I expected it to say "sound card" or something. Does anyone know where it is in a tower-style PC?

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I pierced my own ears a while ago, and now I want to do a second hole. Is there any specific place I should do, or a certain distance from the first or anything? Also, is it too dangerous to try and do my cartilige(SP?)?

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does anyone remember the name and the artist of the song that goes like this....

"and when i wake up in the morning, i feel the day break on my face...."
"some things will never change and the backwater swirls..."

that's a little vague, but i can't really figure out what he's saying. the song came out sometime in the 90s.

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Does anyone here do Yoga? If so, did you start with a teacher, book, website, video, etc? What do you like about it, what do you dislike about it? What are your favorite styles? What else can you say about it?

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I just purchased the book PIRATES! by Celia Rees. The book itself says it's non-fiction, however, all other sources say it's fiction (Amazon etc.) Which one is it?!
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I'm putting together a 90's rock mix, with artists along the lines of the goo goo dolls, del amitri, the gin blossoms, marcy playground, the spin doctors, ben folds five...

Any reccomendations?
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