April 10th, 2004

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I just got an original NES and I've hooked it all up... the most I get it is the main game screen, and it blinks constantly while the power led light blinks right along with it. It's almost as if it's not getting full power. I've tried hooking it up to 2 different televisions, and hooking the NES's own modulator up by itself, and also I tried re-routing that through a regular game switch. Then I tried running it through the RF modulator I use for my dvd player. Still, same problem. Blinking screen, blinking power led.

so. I realize I'm rather behind the game here, but I never had an NES when I was a kid and I'm hoping it's a simple enough thing to fix that I don't need to go sound like a total moron in a gaming community.

Any NES veterans want to tell me how to fix the flashing?

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Anyone wax their legs? How many strips did it take? I use Alexandra wax strips and they seem to be good. However, when I wax special places, heh, it sometimes bleeds! I must be doing it wrong...
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Grad School

For those that are working on applying to grad school, are in grad school, or have ever gone to grad school, what were the main reasons why wanted to go? I have to do a class assignment and am a bit lost in how to start my (2-3 page) personal statement (which I will most likely use later on when I graduate). I'd like to go into research in zoology (possibly animal behavior) and find better job opportunities by getting my masters and my PhD. What is the difference between number of years between masters and PhD in zoology?
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Two questions... somewhat related

  1. Where did the stereotypical movie "zombie" that shuffles around and says "Braaains..." a lot come from? I had always figured it came from the "(Night|Dawn|Day) of the .* Dead" films, but I was mistaken.

  2. What are some good, cheesy, 1950's sci-fi B movies to watch? I'm looking for something to go with Forbidden Planet, for a "Science Fiction Double Feature"-themed movie night
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A conversation I recently had spurs me to ask:

Is Good Friday more imortant in Catholocism than in Protestantism? I was raised in a protestant church (the church of christ, specifically) and Good Friday wasn't really something we ever talked about or celebrated or anything. I just wonder if that's typical.

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where are good places to buy picture postcards? you know, not the kind that you can get at the post office that are blank one one side & prestamped.

the obvious answers: gas stations & bookstores & making your own. where else?

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Who brings their clothes in to the bathroom when they take a shower? I walk from the bathroom to my room in a towel and get dressed in my room. But one of my friends brings his clothes in with him and gets dressed in there. whyyyyyy?
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when I first got my cell phone I found this great site that took any RTTL/nokiaring format of random numbers, composed it itself then sent it to your cellphone. I have since lost the url because I had my phone for a long time. But now I got a new phone and need to send it some ringtones, but I have no idea what site that was! I know it's definately not the one from about.com.

I tried googling it but I couldn't find it...all of the other sites charge you for ringtones.

Can anybody help me?!?!
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(Clinical) depressian is a chemical imbalance, right?

Does it ever get unbalanced in the other direction, so you're clinically over-happy?

It makes sense, and no one would report it 'cause it's not like they'd mind … heh.
Though I don't think I've ever met someone who was "over-happy" — like something bad happened to them but they just couldn't feel sad about it, the way the opposite would happen if you were clinically depressed.

I guess I just can't imagine it happening, even though it makes sense. I know next to nothing about the chemistry of the brain, though. Hmm.
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