April 9th, 2004

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DDR help

I play DDR at home, and can't afford the big expensive pad, so I have the $20 one. It slides around and bunches a lot, so I think I'll be doing okay, but I realize all I'm getting is boos, because I'm not hitting the back arrow right.

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop it from sliding and bunching? (I have carpeted floor if that helps.)
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my cat has what we call running fits. sometimes at night, she'll just run around the house as fast as she can and scratch things. she can go outside if she wants, so it's not like she has cabin fever or something. i just wonder why she does this. does anyone else's cat do this?

who else is dying their hair to match their prom dress, or has in the past?

what's the best prank you've ever pulled/heard of?

do you leave the room to blow your nose?

(no subject)

why do companies make products for pets that are actually harmful to those pets? i mean, if its a proven fact that a product is bad for the pet it's being sold for, why are they making it in the first place?

also, why do pet stores sell those products, and even go so far as recommending those products, that are so clearly harmful to the animals?

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I'm writing an article for an alternative newspaper on campus and this issue is a themed issue based on fashion magazines. I'm doing an article on embarrassing dating stories (you know, those little blurbs about how the girl thought she was dating a frat boy, but it ended up being his younger brother). So, in the spirit of research and profound laziness I ask you: What are your embarrassing dating / relationship stories? You can make them up if you like. :)

P.S. My friend had a question she was going to ask on here, but she forgot. She wants to know what question it was.
Ron/Hermione - CoS

I have a riddle (obviously)

Here it is, but the thing is I have NO clue what the answer is! Can someone please help me out here, I'm absolutely lost!!!

I have an older and a younger brother, one bigger and one smaller. My older brother says he's worth more than me, and that he makes people very rich.
What am I?

Please help me out, thank you!

I'll try out all suggestions, and once I get the right one I'll let you know straight away, but some ideas first!