April 5th, 2004

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I'm a bad friend :/

I've been really bad about keeping in touch with some of my friends from home. It's not that I'm so horribly busy or anything, sometimes I just have this mental block where I forget about people, even people I used to be close with. Does anyone else have this? If so, how do you deal with it?
I'd really like to contact a certain friend of mine, but I'm afraid that she'll be angry/whatever with me for not talking to her sooner. I thought about sending her a card and a small gift, but I don't want it to seem like I'm bribing her. How should I handle this?
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I'm full of questions.

Names changed to protect...well...no one.

Exact: I had a reseller hosting account with a CompanyX, for about a month. Then I moved to CompanyY. I emailed CompanyX to ask them to cancel my account. They replied "Cancel the account through BillingPlace", which I then did. My reseller with CompanyX is still up. I cancelled around 6 March. Should I email CompanyX again, to ask them to now delete the account? (Perhaps I should have asked them to cancel AND delete the account. lol.) Should I just let it stay there, to see how long they forget about it?

Basically: Something I no longer pay for, that I don't need or use, still works, when it shouldn't. Should I tell the people who could delete it, to, well, delete it? Or let it continue to waste away?

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for any one who is an inventor how did you acquire the money for your patent / product?
how did you go about marketing your patent?
how did you acquire your manufacturer?

I want to invent because of creation and the chance that my idea can benefit people.

The money is further on my list yet I understand that it is also an intrinsic part of the process.
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What is everyone's favorite excercise, or "non-excercise"?

I'd have to say my favorite "non-excercise" (calling it that b/c it's excercise but it feels like something fun) is DDR, and my favorite excercise is just plain old walking. ^_^

(If you can't tell, I'm trying to get a little more in shape, but have fun at the same time.)
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What would you do?

So I decide to grab a drink for 8th period when I'm waiting for the bottle to tumble out of the machine and I see this dude standing next to me STARING at me. I pretend to ignore him. Then he says, "Can I borrow the quarter you get back?" (I put in $1 and the drink was $0.75.) Ok, I'm really not a mean person, but I don't know this scary/stupid-looking boy before except that I remember he asked to "borrow" money from me before. I don't mind lending money at all if it's to people I know.

I said, "No." He didn't move. My drink comes out, the quarter comes out, and he's still there. He says again, "Can I borrow that quarter?" Frustrated, and about to be very very rude, I repeated, "I said no. Sorry," and I walked off. Later, I was thinking about it, and I thought maybe it was rude of me to not give him the quarter. I started to think, "Well, maybe he was really really thirsty and didn't have money. And it's just a quarter..."

Now my question is, what would you have done? And was I rude to not give it to him?
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Mmm, Amarula.

So, what's everyone's preferred relaxing-at-home drink?

Mine? Amarula over ice, which is what I'm drinking right now. =^.^=

Edit... Okay, let's pretend I mentioned the fact that I meant alcoholic drink, such as a beer watching the game or wine after supper... or Amarula while chilling?
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crazy cross posted

Help! :) Okay I have to debate an issue in my english class and I am not too concerned about my grade - I've gotten an A on everything I've turned in so far, but I'm still wanting to do a good job. It has to be about 8-10 pages and it has to be about a convroversial topic in the media today. I was thinking about writing something about freedoms - the freedoms we enjoy, the freedoms they are trying to take away from us, and the freedoms we abuse. That would tie in a lot with security today - how the government is basically trying to make us more "secure" by sacrificing some of our liberties.

My problem is that I don't have a very clear decisive opinion - I don't know enough about the topic, though it's something that greatly interests me. Does anyone have any GOOD links to reccomend? They would have to be from reliable sources - news media, school institutions, reputable sources. Or any books I can get from the library.

The hardest challenge for me is picking a stance - I have to argue something, but what do I agrue? "The government is sacrificing our freedoms for the sake of security; in doing so they violate the very thing the country was founded on" is a REALLY big thesis statement. A little too big for me to handle in an 8 page paper. Does anyone have any reccomendations on a topic a little bit more narrowed down? Something having to deal with our freedom in america - I'm more of a libertarian than anything, to give you an idea. I'm just looking for something I can make a claim about, back up with good sources, and be convincing with.

ANY help at all is GREATLY appreciated!

and if you want to read the finished product... i'd be more than willing to share (but it won't be for another month or so)