April 3rd, 2004


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I have a question for you. I would look this up in a medical journal, etc. Just don't know what to look under. My sister's friend in college, claims he never eats. He says he goes days without eating any food. At most he will drink water. One of his friends has spent a few nights in a row at his place and saw that he really doesn't eat. He might eat something every 4-5 days and when he does eat, it's very small amounts. A bit of fries here and there.

Is this possible? He doesn't look anoerexic (I think I spelt that all wrong!). He looks healthy. He plays all kinds of sports and is never tired. He claims that's cause he is not wasting energy on digesting food! he he... And my sis noticed that when he does eat, his whole body shakes.

I know some people are very picky with food. Maybe he doesn't eat outside but eats a little at home. Sis claims he doesn't like his mom's cooking either. I don't know. I am a bit sceptical. I am thinking it's some medical issue he has or a psychological one. Where he thinks eating is a sign of weakness of sorts and he is trying to come across as the strong one. I don't know how to explain it. I met him for the first time last night over dinner. We stuffed ourselves silly but he had one glass of water through the whole thing.

Can someone have such low metabolism that it's possible?

Maybe I just enjoy too much of food to believe such things! he he..

Any ideas of what it could be?

stupid ads

Does anyone know of a good popup/spyware blocker? I use the Goggle toolbar and that worked beautifly for awhile, but now the popups are out of control--they are even popping up when I go to sites I know don't have them (like my school email) so I think I have some sort of spyware doing it too.

Any suggestions?
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My car came with a little white sticker that was attached to the trunk by the dealer.  I'm assuming this is a fairly common practice, as most cars have little stickers with the dealer's name on them.  I pulled mine off a while ago, but it left an icky residue.  Up until now, I didn't really care about the residue, but I'd like to put a different sticker where the dealer's sticker was.

Any ideas on how I can remove this residue without messing up the paint?  If I weren't concerned about the paint, I'd probably just use a Scotch Brite pad, but I'm sure that would scratch the hell out of my poor car.
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so, how many of you know what I'm talking about when I say, the little snack size cheese wrapped in wax? if you're young enough to have those in your lunch when you went to school, how cool were you?
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At the end of April, I'm going to be wearing a costume which exposes my midriff. While I'm certainly not fat now, I'd like to look the best that I can in the costume, so I'm trying to thin my waist down a little bit. I plan on eating healthier this month, and I printed some exercises off of the internet, but I'm not really sure if they're going to work. So...

A) Does anybody know if the Matthew's Method works for cutting down your waist?
B) What sort of exercises would you suggest for removing inches?

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I'm a big fan of frappachinos/iced coffees from coffe shops. However I only get these when I go to work or college as I don't live near any coffee shops :-( So I was wondering if you could make your own frappachino at home?

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I've heard somewhere that tuna is not really good for your health.. Like you know how the water is not really clean anymore, so the fish get all those kinds of radioactive stuff of whatever inside of them and so tuna isnt really harmless..

I'm confused because it never worried me really, till I started noticing that i eat alot of it every day.. And by "alot" I really mean ALOT.. =)

So is this true? Maybe partially? I am no expert in the area, that's why I cant even really describe what the problem is...

Thanks in advance to all of you bothered to answer!

very hypothetical question

if you were going overseas in a couple of months... (for 3 months) something that uve always dreamed of..
and you think that you are definately going no matter what..

then.. u find someone that sweeps u off ur feet, and its not just something little, you think that they are soeone to spend ur life with... and if u went away for 3 months itd ruin ur chances...

so would u choose the working holiday uve wanted to do for so long.. and know that uve lost the chance of having that person that would be the one for you...

or the partner that u could spend the rest of ur life with happily.. and not go on the trip..

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any idea how much it would cost to have the motor replaced to make my sun roof work?

anyone remember the childrens book about the little girl who colored all over herself with marker that woudlnt come off? and she ended up using an invisible marker to make it go away... what was that calllled?
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I'm drinking ROLLING ROCK tonight, and on the back it says:

from the glass line tanks of
Old Latrobe
we tender this premium beer
for your enjoyment, as a
tribut to your good taste.

it comes
from the mountain springs
to you

what does the "33" mean?

also, on a lot of cans and bottles, it says CA CASH REFUND. why? why is California different than the other states that have 5 or 10 cent refunds?