April 2nd, 2004


Does anyone out there have extremely thin and fine hair? If you do how do you have it cut?

I have perfectly straight thin hair that doesn't do anythign else regardless of how much time or goo you use (which really is fine with me--its pretty easy and regular to deal with). However, I havehad the same straight shoulder length haircut for like my entire life--so if you have any other ideas I'd LOVE to hear them!

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Does anyone here think Julia Stiles is a bad actress? Because I do! Her characters are always the same.... and although I realize how superficial this is of me, it really bugs me that she is so highly acclaimed by many people when she CAN'T ACT!
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Fake nails.

I want to get my nails done today, but yesterday while at work I had to peel price stickers off a bunch of things, and ended up poking the skin under my thumbnail enough to make it bleed. It's a little sore today, but it isn't still bleeding or anything.

Is it still okay to get my nails done? Will they say I shouldn't if I tell them my thumb hurts?
Isabella Soprano

hair dye

ok, I've never dyed my hair before,
I have really long straight hair, and I don't want to permanently dye it because I generally like my natural color

how can I make it go to a darker brown for just a few days/weeks? any ideas on an easy temp. hair dye?
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so, what do you put in your salsa? we have some tomatoes that my grandmother sent up from Florida, and I was thinking of making homemade chunky salsa, which I've never actually done before (we have a chopper thing, though). so, what do you like to put in?
Emily Porch

Online Weight Loss Tool

Does anyone know of any really food weight loss trackers online? Either free or pay, it doesn't matter to me. I know about fitday.com, but it doesn't have everything I'm looking for.

I have a lot of weight to lose, so I'm looking for something where I can set individual, smaller weight loss goals, plus my main goal. For example, I'd like to go slow and lose about 15 pounds every three months. Every three month interval has the 15 pound goal, plus I'd also like to be able to track where I am in my ultimate, probably year-long goal. It'd also be nice if the site had an activity calculator, where you could enter your daily activities (distance, time, type, etc), and it could tell you how much weight you can expect to lose with those activities. I already eat a very healthy and balanced diet (I'm vegan), so I don't need anything that focuses mainly on food intake, although I wouldn't mind if it were in there.

I found these on Yahoo!: http://dir.yahoo.com/Health/Weight_Issues/Weight_Loss/

Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with anything listed there?

Thanks everyone!

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Daylight Savings Time hits at exactly 2AM in places that do that sort of thing. So what happens if you are working a shift that goes midnight-8AM? Normally, that's 8 hours. But this Sunday, it will only be 7. Do you still get paid for 8? What happens in the fall when you work 9 hours on that shift? Do you get paid for 8 or 9?

Question, here.

What does "Five gets you ten" mean?

I've always used it like a sort of "I'll bet you..../I bet...."

Example: "Five gets you ten they'll run her out of town." (Which was a result in Google when I, well, Googled.

girly question

i know this doesn't happen to all girls
but why is it that the first and second day of pmsing
your body aches (lower back, thighs etc.) and there's strikes of pain in the lower stomach region?

Sometimes i want to lose a bunch a weight so then i wouldn't have that probablem... but supposedly there is such a thing as "being too skinny"

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I've attempted to google this and wasn't too sure how to go about it. I thought you guys would be the easiest ( and most interesting )source of information.

The left brain is used for math, logic and science, correct? Is there anything else? What about the right brain? Is that for english and creativity? If I'm incorrect, will you please correct me? Also, which one do you think you use more?

Me, I though I was a left brain person because I am VERY into the whole logic, math, and puzzle thing. I own 40-odd books on logic, maths and puzzles and whatnot. But.. I also love to draw and take photos ( not that I'm very good at it. ) So, I'm not too sure. :/
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