April 1st, 2004

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Computer case + power supply

I need a new computer case and power supply. Any suggestions? I'm budgeting 75 US dollars for it, if I *must* I might go as high as 100. Must be able to accept an ATX or Micro-ATX motherboard.

The hardware inside it(for power supply recomendations)
RAM: 1GB DDR 2100
CPU: Athlon XP 2200
Video: GF4MX440 Dual output
TV: ATI TV Wonder VE
Firewire- Dual external/ single internal port card salvaged from an HP Pavillion
DVD: 8x DVD drive
CD-RW: 12x CD-RW
Hard drives:
1x Western Digital 7200RPM 8MB cache 80GB
1x Maxtor 5400RPM 2MB cache 80GB

I need enough overkill on the power supply for my planned upgrades, which will probably be a dual Athlon MP setup(or a single Athlon64FX), bigger/faster hard drives, and a top end consumer/low end professional sound card.

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is anyone else's soul seek acting really weird ?

I just opened up soulseek, and it asked me for my username and password? what the hell?

And when i entered it, all my settings had been deleted! everyone on my user list! my shared folders! everything! WTF!

have they been taken down like audiogalaxy/napster etc?

cause i only found one song!
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Random question about blood donations.....

This is sort of random, but here goes...

I am a college student and I am going to study abroad in England next Spring. When you donate blood they say that if you have spent more than 3 months in the UK since 1980 (which I will have) then you cannot donate blood.
Is this a permanent thing, or is it only for a certain amount of time and I can donate again in a few years?
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Warped Tour

A group of friends invited me to tag along with them to Warped Tour this summer.

I've heard of most of these bands and heard a good deal of singles by a lot of them...

does anyone have any download suggestions of songs by any of the bands behind the cut?

I want to get a feel for all so I know who I want to pay attention to when I go.

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Thanks in advance.
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1. Can anyone recommend a permanent bright red hair dye and where I can get it?

Hot Topic has BWild, but that's the only permanent color I've seen at their store. I've also heard about Manic Panic, but I don't know how well that works. Thanks!


My husband and I are going out Saturday night and we have hired a baby sitter. Since we have always had free sitting of some sort, neither of us has a clue as to what to pay her.

Our daughter is 5, and she is the only one (so far, but we won't leave our baby for awhile...)

Without looking at any other responses, what do you think a fair rate of pay is?
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do you own a loufa? or those shower sponges?

how often do you replace it? or how long should it last?

do you ever throw it in with your laundry to be cleaned, or is it clean already because you're putting soap on it?

just wondering...
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English project

For my English class, we had to keep a "journal describing the senior experience". Even though I dislike my teacher and didn't feel like doing anything particularly special with my project, I tried to make it as "personal" as I could without her getting too "into" my life.

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Did you fall for any pranks today? What were they?

Did you pull any pranks today? What'd you do?

I work on a high school newspaper, and we used the extra money we got from some new ads to buy some extra pages on the front and back of the paper and reported that all seniors would have to do six weeks of summer school to graduate. Oh, were the people who fell for it mad. It was beautiful.

I didn't get fooled by anything because of all the work that went into the paper; I was very aware that it was April Fool's Day.
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Barrage of questions..

1. The bottom lid of my left eye has been twitching nonstop for the past three days..hour after hour..how in god's name can I make it stop?

2. Any way to healthily change your sleep schedule? As in go from needing 8 hours to only 5/6 but remaining the same alertness and energy that your body used to get with 8? Like..change your body's need for sleep?

3. What would be the best way to learn yoga on your own; books or videos? Any good picks of either?

4. Any advice on creating a good, strong thesis statement?

5. Same as 3..but knitting and sewing and all that fun. I'm sure thats more book..but any picks, and any tips in general?

6. Does anyone believe this Blood type diet or whatever blood type related stuff? Anyone had any medical or scientific proof that it works?

7. This one perhaps no one would be able to answer..but I'm in a fix..I have joint pain in my wrists, fingers, knees and at times other places. I cant write, type, sit properly anymore..at times I cant do any of those..at times only a few sentences..Its not arthritis or anything close to that. Its not anemia. Any advice on what I should do? What kind of doctor to visit? Should I try acupuncture or other Eastern medicine?

Thank you

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I've got a problem with my computer - the sound constantly just disappears. Most days when I get home from school, my computer won't play sound - but after I restart it, it works fine (and yes I have checked to make sure the speakers are turned up :P)

Does anyone know why this is happening? Or how to fix it?