March 31st, 2004

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yesterday my roomate ate THIRTY chewable cherry flavored pepto bismols in a row. and nothing bad happened at all. no side effects. no puking. nothing. it seems like eating thirty pepto bismols in a row would be bad for a person, doesn't it?

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what cd or cassette is currently in your car that you will be listening to, when you get in?

If you don't have a cd or cassette player...what are you listening to?

Blink 182 cd is in my car now - the newest one
books = good

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What exactly is in diet pills? How are they different than straight-up caffiene pills?

Also, how fast does hair grow? I know there's something about how it goes through dormant periods or something, but I swear, I honestly think mine has grown an inch in six weeks.
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Netflix for Canadians?

Is anyone a member of Netflix? How are you finding it for delivery, quality for your money, and the like?

And just one final thing - does anyone know if it's US-only, or can Canadians join as well? I've looked through the site backwards and forwards and it doesn't seem to say. Nevermind, I just found it. >.< US-only.

Thanks muchly. =^.^=
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So, I'm trying to learn a song on guitar, and they're telling me to put a capo on the second fret. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I have a feeling that I'm going to need to know since nothing I'm playing is sounding right.

So my question to all you guitar-playing questioneers is....what is a capo? And if a capo is what I think it is, should I tune my guitar to a D instead of an E?
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Maintaining you eyebrows seems to be kinda of a big deal for people, men and women. But I think maybe I'm a freak, because I haven't met anyone else like this:

My eyebrows don't grow in at all. Seriously, I never ever have to tweeze or wax or any of that. And its weird because I'm Sicilian, and as we all know Sicilians can grow hair like nobody's business (and I do, everywhere else). I'm not complaining or bragging or anything, I'm just wondering about this.

Did this happen to anyone else? And WHY don't they grow in anymore? They used to, years ago, but they stopped for a long time now. I'm only 21 and I probably haven't tweezed them in like 5 years.


How would you type that screeching cat sound made when someone talks about a cat fight or people being catty?

The closest I can get its raaaaaiiiiirrrrr, but it doesn't really work for me

Library books...

it's obviously too late to call the library but i was wondering... can i return library books to a library they don't belong to? not like it's from a different city... i checked out some books at the uptown library (which is far away from me but much larger) and now i need to turn them in... i'm thinking about the library down the street from me. do you think that would work out?