March 30th, 2004


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In the new opening sequence for South Park (the one with the hands rapidly making the figures), what does Kenny say? It's different than in the old ones, and I wanna know what it is!
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every christmas my family has a big get-together. the last 3 years it's been at my mom's house. we each usually bring something food-ish, like a potluck.

2 christmases ago, my uncle's girlfriend brought a platter of veggies and dip. at the end of the night she repackaged all the veggies and even asked my mom if she could borrow a tupperware type container to take the dip back home in. everyone else left whatever was left of what they'd brought.

then this past christmas, my cousin jessica had brought a plate of crackers and different types of cheese. and at the end of the night she put all the crackers back in the box and had even brought a loose sheet of plastic wrap to wrap the cheese back up in and took it all home with her. again, she was the only one.

so here's my question:
is it just me and my mom, or is that really rude and completely bad manners? where i come from, you bring something for a potluck, you leave with nothing but the container, no matter how much is left.

are my mom and i just being weird? is this acceptable behavior? or is it as rude as we think it is?

Who's not on your friends list?

Is there anyone whose journal you regularly read, but don't have on your friends list? If so, why?

I have a few bookmarked that aren't on my friends list. One is a girl who is amusingly hypocritical and naieve and way out there, I don't put her on my friends list because she's terribly snarky and I'm sure she'd make annoying comments. A couple are SO's of friends and I don't read them all the time. And one I started reading after I saw naked pictures of the person in a community and so I started reading their journal and found it interesting. But I thought it sounded creepy to tell them why I started reading. :-)

I wonder if there's a way to tell if anyone whose friends list I'm not on reads my journal.

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I'm going to Japan in about two weeks, and I'm just wondering - does anyone know if any CDs, DVDs, Gameboy games, etc, I buy over there will work with my systems back here? (I live in Australia)

I can speak Japanese, so you don't need to worry about that part... but I'm just worried anything that I buy might not work on Australian appliances and stuff.

Also - and I know this is specific - is it possible, in regards to Gameboy games, to play between a Japanese version and an English version? For example, let's say on Pokemon - would it be possible to trade between the Japanese and Australian/English versions?

Thanks for any help :)
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Newbie, hope it's a good enough question...

Does any know of a good diet to incorporate with a busy schedule? I have school mon - fri. They have salads there, so I think I will start getting a salad more often, and then I usually work mon, wednesday and thursday. I get Friday's off from work to help with Tweens. Then I work saturdays and sundays. I work at a place that sells basically greasy food, but it is so good, I would eat our salad but it never is that great. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
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What are funeral music categoraize as? You know..those organ music with dreadful moaning and groaning?

And about orchestra/classical music, what if they were recently composed? Would they still be consider as "Classical"? Or do they have a different name?

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Does anyone know how to get a stinky sweat smell out of the armpits of a wool sweater? I've had it dry cleaned and tumbled it in the dryer with some dryer sheets, and still it stinks.
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Flash disk help

I am in need of some computer advise as I am not exactly the most computer literate person around. Any help would be appreciated!

I have a 128 MB (brand:M-disk) USB flash disk and I use it interchangably between Windows 2000 and MacOX. However, lately the disk drive has suddenly become write -protected and I had no idea why. I right-clicked on properties of the disk in windows but I cannot find a way to get rid of the read-only status which won't allow me to format or do anythign to it. I tried it on a mac but find all the options except read-only are gone and hence I can't changed it either. The technical site for the stupid company is still "Under costruction" so I can't find any help there. Any suggestions to what I can do so that I can use my flash disk again?

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what's the name of that outkast song...
in the video, they go into the diner... and andre 3000 starts talking to the girl? and aparently it has sleepy brown in it, too. or some shit. i don't listen to this crap... i just can't think of the name of the song.
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don't you hate it when you hear a song on the radio that you really hate, but you're too lazy to change the station, and then you find yourself kinda jamming along because you know the song really well...
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Has anyone seen this neato little device which jams cell phone signals? Is it even legal in the US? (it isn't in the UK.) If it were legal, do you think it would gain widespread popularity, or would it be banned?

If you could buy it for a reasonable price (say $70), would you?
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I have several pairs of flip-flops that are very cute, but they give me blisters. I was thinking of trying to buy soft, matching fabric, and hot-gluing it onto the inside part of the straps and "toe divider." Does this sound like it would work? Has anyone tried it, or tried something else?