March 28th, 2004


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Who watches Street Smarts?!?
What's one of your favorite Q & A's that happpened on the show?

Mine are:
"What is the antonym of clockwise?"
"Umm...clock dumb?"

"Point to my uvula."
*blushes & points at his crotch*
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Calculator Problems

I'm doing a lab for chem and have to show the work that I do on my calculator. I already have the answers calculated for me. If you can, double check for me. I just need to be shown how to do the cosine function on the calculator using the Karplus equation (J=(7 - cos omega + 5 cos 2 omega) Hz. Omega is the angle. Here's an example: Omega = 56.1748 I got J = 4.5420

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I bought the collected works of the marquis de sade yesterday.
the girl that checked me out gave me a really funny look.

what's something you've bought that the clerk gave you a strange look about?
Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea


Have you ever met anybody who is arrogant because they do truly think they’re superior human beings in some capacity or another, and deep down aren’t actually insecure or have low self-esteem, like most people who display arrogance?

(I’m trying to decide if I have met such people.)

PBs can bite me.

Righto. I am in need of an actor who is petit, with a narrow pointy face, and has dark hair. Preferrably, he has wide eyes that are either very pale or very dark. His body geometry should be subtly inhuman, or at least skinny.

Do any of you know of any actors that fit this description?

Edit: Need multiple pictures if possible, need to know his name. Also, the character appears to be very young, very innocent. Think a teenaged boy that looks like a girl.

socially inept

i give up on people really easily. if i call them at least every weekend for a few weekends in a row, and they can never hang out, i assume they don't wanna hang out with me and i quit calling them. i do this because i don't want to be annoying or creepy (as i have been labeled as such in the past, and there is nothing in the world worse than being called creepy). i am cursed with being as extroverted as i am socially inept, and thus prone to periods of reclusion due to the mentality of "if they want to hang out, they'll contact me."

occasionally, i call someone and they ask why i quit calling them. and then i feel like an ass. but i feel bad calling someone all the time if they can never hang out.

so anyway, when someone stops calling/trying to hang out, how do you feel? do you feel rejected? do you notice? do you care? do you wonder? or did you not want to hang out with them in the first place?
do you know anyone who's like this?

yeah i know i have issues...

domain names

i have a web domain name coming up for renewal in may.
i'm currently going through, but they want $35/year.
i know i can find a better offer.

who do you recomend?
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV


I probably won't get much of a response to this, since I imagine it's not all that common, but any help is better than none. :)

Is there anyone here that is around my size (6'1, 225) that is strong for their size, and has long arms, and couldn't dunk a basketball for a long time, then did exercise (either in general or specific ones) that made you able to dunk? What types of things did you do that helping improve your jumping ability? Also, even if you aren't my size, is there anyone in a similar position that did something to make themselves able to dunk?

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How much do maids cost? If I wanted maids to come in and do a one-time complete overhaul of three bedrooms, livingroom, diningroom, two bathrooms, and a kitchen, what on average would someone pay?

out with the ex

If you're friends with your ex and you guys go hang out, do you introduce him/her as your ex? For example:

You see someone you know and you say, "Hi. Nice to see you again. This is my ex, __________."

How would you intro him or her?
brian justin street dance

goo be gone

does anyone know of a good method for removing bumper stickers? I want to sell my car and I managed to get 3 of its stickers off today with something called Krud Kutter... but these last 3 are really resilient. I need something that isn't going to damage the paint, obviously... and all of the other substance-removers I saw in the stores seem to contain the same stuff as the Krud Kutter does.

So... what's worked for you?