March 27th, 2004

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I went to buy a book on digital photography last night and was blown away by the amount of them. -_- Does anyone have a suggestion on which book to get?

(I already have a digital camera and I use it a lot. I'm looking on suggested techniques, how to fix what I may be doing wrong, and things like that. Nothing too advanced, but I do know the basics of taking a picture already.)
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make up my mind, already!

Hm. Dilemma. To sleep or not to sleep?

Yeah, you think that'd be simple: sleep!

Here's the deal, though: I worked a 12 hr shift last night (8pm yesterday 'til 8am today). It's 09h30am now. As a favour to a co-worker (and a bit of overtime), I'm working at from 3pm 'til 8pm today. Chances are I won't be able to sleep 'til 11am at the earliest, and then have to get up 3 hours later to get ready to go back to work.

Should I snag the three hours or hold out 'til when I get home tonight at around 8:30pm to crash?

Did any of that even make sense...?
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do some vegans eat only fruit and vegetables?

i know someone who is vegan and says he only eats fruit and vegetables and drinks water, but i was thinking he should be pretty slim if he only eats fruit and vegetables. but he's not, he's actually overweight i think.


A question for all you dog people out there . . .

My parents have an Airdale who is just about a year old. We went on vaction for 6 days (just got home) and so they put the dog at a really nice kennel. They don't allow the dogs to play together (legal reasons), but they take each dog out to play at least 5 times a day so he was getting exercise and whatnot.

Anyway, when my parents picked him up they said that he was very very well behaved and everyone loved him and he played very nice and blah blah blah, BUT he did not eat all week. He ate 1 or 2 milkbones on the first day, but NOTHING after that. They even made him a chicken breast and he wouldn't eat that either.

The people at the kennel said this is very unusal and that they can't take him for so long again becuase not eating is too big a liability or something. What is wierd is that our last dog wouldn't eat while we were away either, but we attributed that to the fact that we didn't go on any extended vacations (more than a weekend) until he was pretty old. But our current dog is only a year old!

Any ideas on why he wouldn't eat or how to get him to eat if we go on another vacation sometime? Do you know any other dogs who do this? Is it really that unusual?
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What's a good product to remove mold/mildew from the grout and caulk-lines of a bathtub/shower?

Using Soft Scrub + a ScotchBrite pad + elbow grease used to work, but apparently the mildewt has now developed a resistance and turned into super-mildew.  Toxic and caustic is fine by me, as long as it works!


1. Why is junk email called "spam?"

2. If you are a male, what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? (those who know what the males in their home use may reply too)
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figure skating championships

Dammit. Just caught the end of the Ladies' World Figure Skating Championships on TV. Missed the winner's (Shizuka Arakawa's) performance, though. Anyone know if a recording is available online anywhere? Or for any other part of the championships? Can't believe I missed the whole week.... :/

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What do you think is a healthy weight for someone who's 5'7'' with a small body frame (don't list what they say offically on any healthy-weight sites--I already know)?
What weight would you consider too skinny/unhealthy for someone of that height and body frame? What weight would you consider too big/overweight?

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Q:How many pimples do you have on your face right now?
My A: Two, but they're just little red bumps. Nothing REALLY visible.

Q: Why is the movie titled "Gothika"??? There was no mention of Gothika in the movie, and it's not even a real word.. or is it?

avril lavigne

i heard that avril lavigne lost her virginity and that her next album is gonna be dedicated to that subject. i don't give a shit bout her music, but i was just wonderin if its true for gossip's sake =op

so, is it true or not?
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ok so i've been really sick and on a lot of drugs, and while i've been sleeping/dreaming/concious i've been thinking about Dawn of the Dead and how in some way what i have will turn me into a zombie. (i've been drugged remember) anyhow...while i was thinking about Dawn of the Dead, does it piss anyone else off, that we never find out how the disease starts?
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Okay, here's one for people who are fans of the original Dirty Dancing, or have at least seen it a copious amount of times and are really attentive...

In some of the summaries I've read of the movie, they say that the Housemans are Jewish, and Kellerman's is a resort for Jewish families. Well, I'm not Jewish, so... how could reviewers tell? I admittedly don't know lots about the faith, but as far as I've been able to tell, I don't see anything alluding to that.

This just may be the dumbest question I've ever asked here. But I'm just curious.
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