March 26th, 2004


Is this kid floating???

Thats the cover of my Cultural Anthropology textbook. The third from the right, it looks like his feet are floating a couple inches off the ground. WTF? how? is that a trick of the light, is he jumping, is he practicing some tribal levitation ritual? Seriously, I have no idea what to make of it, maybe someon out there can explain for me?
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A figure of speech, perhaps

Because I see it so often online, I have to ask:

Do you know anybody who actually does the facepalm in real life? Eyerolls I see, headshakes I see, but not too many facepalms or headdesks. Though I admit that I would enjoy seeing some of this violent headdesking that seems to be going on. ;)

I, sadly, actually do facepalms.

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What kind of groups can you name that were not formed for some type of competitive purpose?

In anthropology I am trying to argue that competition is not the primary drive of humans, but actually it is pretty hard to think of groups that do not involve competition.

Edit* the drive for humans to be social and form groups

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if you eat raw lemons or limes a lot, is it really bad for your teeth?
i heard it strips the enmal off.. what does that mean exactly? i mean, what's the damage it will cause in the long run?
if so, are there any other fruits or vegetables that create the same problem?
thanks in advance.

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im a junior in highschool, and taking the SATs tomorrow.
i think im pretty damn prepared, despite my lack of prep courses or studying...

any last minute advice?

do you remember your score?

im not allowed to eat duuuring them, am i?
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Every so often, I'll wake up with a MAJOR and I mean MAJOR cramp in my leg. It doesn't happen often.. but it has its moments. It's so painful I can't move... it hurts like you couldn't even imagine. When I touch my leg I can actually feel the muscle BULGING out. This happens for about a week, once in a blue moon ... why?

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My school just informed me that I need to pay my yearbook fee of $42.50 before next week, or get it next fall for $60.00.

Just two years ago I paid $20.00 tops for a yearbook.

Am I the only one that thinks the amount is absoulutely ridiculous? How much would you pay for a yearbook? Should I just get the whole school to boycott the whole thing, in hopes that they'll stop sqeezing us for money and use their common sense?

Keep in mind that I attend a school in rural Minnesota, not some high-private rich school in New York.
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What is the song you can't listen to because it gives you bad memories of someone or something?

i have a lot but one is Bad Habit - Offspring...i was ironically listening to it when i got into my first car accident in August and totalled my car :(
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MISC: Go Ask Alice

Amazon Marketplace Question

When a someone sells something at Amazon Marketplace, is a chunk of the grand total paid to Amazon? Or does the entire total, including shipping, paid to the seller?

I ask because I've had trouble with a few things not arriving and each time, the seller has refunded me the complete total paid. But now, for the first time, a seller has told me that she will only refund the amount she received, not the amount paid.

I really don't think that's right, after all...I didn't get the product. And I'm not even sure of the validity of this story. I've tried to find the answer at Amazon...but I think I'm looking in the wrong places.

I need to know because it will mean the difference between filing a claim with Amazon within the next 30 days, or trusting the seller for several months as she works with her post office to track down this package (it's a rare dvd that normally sells for a lot of money and this one was I'm really hoping to find it.)

Thanks in advance!
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nookie in the sky

life paths

do good things in life come from planning, working, and striving for them?

from trying to mold yourself to succeed in the way you choose?

from letting them come to you?

or some other way?

why do you believe this?

leave your turntable on


I'm writing a short story for a contest, and I need some reccomendations for books and websites where I can find trvia. My protagonist is a trivia buff, and I need lots of facts for the story. Any reccomendations?
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