March 25th, 2004

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Wierd scary thing

Last night I was getting into bed at like 11:30, and someone knocked the front door. I never answer the door that late, but got up and looked through the front window, but there was no-one there. Went back to bed, 10 mins later, another knock but louder. I got up much quicker and saw a car outside the house, door shutting, and then driving away. I got part of the licence plate, but it didn't happen again before I went to sleep. It's a bit scary because there are only 2 ladies in the house, and we're not exactly ninjas.

We haven't got any mortal enemies and I didn't recognise the car.

What do you think it was all about? Why would someone do that? Should I be worried? Should I get more locks for the door?
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Teens and Birth Control..

Inspired by the Dr.Phil show..

Do you think it's appropriate for parents to put their teen on birth control? Does this give implicit agreement to the teen having sex?

I have to think I think it should be an option given. I don't think that giving your daughter the opportunity to be on birth control is going to make them have sex.
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Gods thumbs
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(no subject)

Do ebay plugs or shameless advertising in communities ever bug you?

I suppose it's easy to skip over the persons post and not get let something stupid like that get to me, but they bug the hell out of me, yet a lot of moderators ignore them.

So am I the only one?
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(no subject)

Lately, my left eye has been mysteriously twitching. I don't know what exactly is wrong with it, but it just does at random times. I don't know if it is a stress thing or something, but it's concerning me. I'm going to ask my mom about it, but in the meantime, what do you think it could be?

Do you remember Surge? It was a soda made by Coke in the late 90s, and it was green. Did you like it?
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(no subject)

okay... discussion at my very deep lunch table today:

youve seen fight club, right? you remember bob and his "bitch tits?"
(if not, bob lost his testicles to cancer, and the hormone changes caused him to grow breasts.)

which would be worse, to lose your 'manliness' or grow breasts?
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annoying question

is it possible to get extra tall boots? is there even such a thing?

i have really small feet for my size, so knee high boots never come up to my knees. they're always a few inches below my knees, and it looks dumb. probably no one else notices, but i'd like some knee highs that actually come up to my knees! :P