March 24th, 2004

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Upgrading And Repairing PCs 15th Edition

I have the 14th Edition, I was wondering if anyone has read the 14th and the 15th edtions, and can give me an idea of whether or not the 15th is a big enough jump to justify the upgrade? its not a cheap book, but Mueller is good enough he might make a one edition jump worth it.

Yet another fitness question...

Can I get some recommendations? I'm looking for a new workout video... I need cardio, low-to-medium impact. Something fun, but I have NO coordination, so nothing with complicated steps or complicated dance moves. I already have a belly-dancing video (which is a LOT of fun and pretty easy), so maybe something along those lines? Ideally, the video would be 30-45 minutes long. And ideally, something fun that will keep me motivated. :)

Thanks in advance!
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leave your turntable on

book recs

What are some good books that are written in diary form?I've already read the Sloppy Firsts books and all of the current Princess Diaries books. Anything in that vein--or something completely different--is pretty good to me.
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

(no subject)

Okay, I have two friends (we'll call the girl Y and the guy X). Person X went out with Person Y. While they were going out, at a party that Person X was at, he was trying to feel up some other girl and was following her around a bit that night. Person X and Person Y are now broken up.

Person Y does not know that Person X did this. A bunch of my other friends know about it, though. My question is, should we tell Person Y this happened? Or should we just keep it a secret? If you were Person Y, would you want to know?

Thanks for your help.
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(no subject)

Do you think its fair to have a one-sided friendship? I'm talking about if theres a friend who tells you all of her/his problems and you try your hardest to listen and help, but whenever you try to talk to them about your problems they either say they don't care or say they don't want to talk about it now or they retort with some smart ass remark about you. Do you think that kind of friendship is right? Would you put up with it?

(no subject)

ok, this is something that has been worrying me for a very long time

I am currently doing a Bachelor degree in Commerce with a major in Managment + H.R.

I wont graduate till im 26.
im thinking of going to teach english for 1 year.
Do you think i will have a pretty low chance of being hired because im so old? when other people are like 21 when the graduate from university?

(im in australia if that helps?)
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(no subject)

How has your name been misheard?

My name is Stacie and I get:

Stevie (this annoys the hell out of me)
Nadine (whattttt?)

When I go to Panera, they always ask my name for my order so I started saying "Jen" because I thought it was easier. Then they misheard me and thought I said "Jill". I changed to saying "Jenny" and that worked a couple times, then they thought I said "Jackie".
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Class of '05 ... yo.

Okay so it's my junior year and i'm checking out colleges to visit.
i want to go to a small (coed) school, such as UNC Wilmington or Wofford Univ.
but my problem is that i can't seem to find a small college that has a nutrition program.
if you know of one, or go to one please let me know!!