March 23rd, 2004


*EXCEL*lent - any tips to share?

What are your favourite handy little things that you like to do when working in Microsoft Excel? Maybe something the average user would never think of...
What's your biggest Excel formulae tip, if you have one?
Cheers, you're all magic!
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searching for a movie

Okay... I used to love this movie when I was younger, and I've been trying to find it, with no luck. The story is about a bored little girl that makes friends with a kangeroo, and they go hopping all around the forest. At the end of the movie, the kangaroo leaves the little girl in her backyard, and the kangeroo goes hopping off, and it's very sad. I always cried at the end. I'm fairly sure that it's animated. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
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there was this cheesy horror movie i remember half-seeing when i was a kid.... say... early to mid-80s. all i remember was a) evil little demonic things crawling through the walls so you could see ripples in the wallpaper, and b) some sort of hole in these people's back yard that was a gate to hell.

anyone know what that is?

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what makes you weird?

me: i have weird routines like when i make hot chocolate, i microwave the milk for 2 minutes, i take a spoon and take the gross skim stuff off the top, i sprinkle a little chocolate into it, then i take the little skim floaties that are still left in there out, the i put 2 and a half scoops of chocolate in. also, i'm like the least hygienic person...i hate showers, washing my hair, deodarant, brushing my teeth, etc.

p.s. sorry i didn't make a cut...i don't know how!

Because I just had to do this myself

What do you do if you have a mouthful of food but an important person calling you that minute?

I had a mouthful of bagel and wasn't near any place where I could spit it out. I ended up talking with it in my mouth, although I think I disguised it pretty well.

I suppose I could've let it ring one more time, but I'm always afraid they're going to get impatient and hang up.

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What is the biggest goofup you've done on a resume, which you discovered too late?

Mine was, get this, I forgot to put my number and address on it. I was SO pissed at myself. It was an emailed version.

Do you think that it looks bad enough to lose a job opportunity if you get in touch with them post facto and tell them that there is a mistake on your resume?

tv show conventions

i've noticed some plots repeated in different tv shows.

- one person has 2 dates at the same time on the same night
- if a pregnant woman enters an elevator, the elevator will get stuck, and she will go into labor, without fail
- a guy introduces his new girlfriend to his family/friends, and they recognize her as a stripper from a bachelor party, or something

what kind of common plot conventions have you picked up?

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How do you guys organize your mp3 collection?

i usually have file folders for artist, individual album, then songs.
now im trying to cross reference the genre, and then I have one or two songs/artists that don't fit in anywhere. what should I do with those?
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I have a feeling I am going to get several negative responses, but here goes: I cut myself on a regular basis. Sometimes I do it for the thrill, the pain gives me a bit of a rush, but othertimes I do it when I am angry to relieve stress or to take out anger on myself. Most people have strong opinions on this subject. What's yours?
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a poll for my soc project

please fill this out :-)

Poll #267595 Soc Project: Gay Marriage

Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?


What are your reasons for supporting/not supporting the legalization of same sex marriage?

Do you support civil unions?


How do you think the legalization of same sex marriage would affect the country's culture, economy, etc.?

What legal rights should same sex partners have if the legalization of same sex marriage is passed?

Should same sex partners have any legal rights at all?


How do you think the legalization of same sex marriage would affect the religious aspect of the people?

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Every morning on my way to school, I drive by these people that are against abortion. They hold up posters of aborted fetuses & dead babies and whatnot - this is right down the block from my high school, in a main street, where everyone passes by as we enter school. Something about this feels wrong - forcing high school students to see these images as we enter school in the morning, anyone else think so? Or do you think these visuals help create awareness?

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this really pisses me off - does it piss you off too? though i doubt it does, most people in most communities are like this. *shrug*

i hate it when someone posts something they think is really cool and interesting, and prompty someone comments with "dude that was posted 27 posts ago, get with it, you moron". or "yeah, we all totally already know that". chill out guys! just skim past the entry and move on with your life! it took you longer to make that comment than it would have to just go on to the next item on your friends list. i just think its rude is all, especially if the poster is a newbie who hasnt read every other post ever made in that community. if it was mentioned in the post right before it, i can somewhat understand people's annoyance. but when it was posted over 20 or 30 posts ago, just skip over it and move on. sheesh!
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How can any grades I recieve in college be valid if everyterm the classes are redifined and restructured?

How can any grades any colleges give any students be valid if there is almost no standard for my major (Comp Sci)?

Or if you are in a computer science program (student or teacher):

Do you think Comp. Sci. programs are standardized across colleges?