March 22nd, 2004

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I have long hair. I like my long hair. Sometimes it can get a bit boring.

Does anyone know of creative styles I could do with long hair? Are there any websites with styles for long hair that aren't outdated?



Why do people mention that they have x-posted an entry in communities? Does anyone actually care?
And why do some people say "Sorry for x-posting!"
I mean, if they were so sorry wouldn't they have refrained from x-posting in the first place?
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Baby website

My sister is going to be having a baby... I dunno, in a few months or so. *L* (What?) Being the only 'net literate person in my immediate family I decided I'd run the "oh look at my baby, she's so cute!" website.

Question: Do any of ya'll have a website like that, or know of any? I want ideas on how to make mine look, but I've never actually done anything like this before. She didn't ask me to do it, and I haven't told anyone that I'm going to yet, but I want to do it good.

((I'm thinking a Rainbow Fish theme, because that's the theme they've gone with for baby stuff. My mom is going CRAZY with it, first grandchild and all.))
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How many times...

do you check for new journals and new comments? we had a question about checking emails...but this one...sheesh...i check journals like 6 times within an hour...and while at work...i check it even more so. Ah the addiction.
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Etiquette and Inheritance question

My husband's paternal grandfather died about a year ago and my husband's father was the executor of his estate. Several months after he died, my husband's Dad found an account that hadn't been previously mentioned with money the grandfather had put away for his grandchildren. So, my father-in-law withdraws the money and cuts my husband, his two sisters, and his two cousins checks for about $1,500 each.

When we recieved it in the mail, my husband expressed surprise and gratitude toward his grandfather. But he really never said anything to his Dad beyond that he got the check.

Months pass...Today I find out from my husband's stepmother that his Dad is upset that only the oldest sister thanked him for the money. My husband, his other sister, and his cousins did not. I didn't think you were supposed to thank the executor of the deceased's estate for you're inheritance since technically it comes from the person who died.

What's right? Should he thank his Dad or is his Dad being weird? My husbands stepmother thinks they (my husband, his other sister, his cousins) are very ungrateful. I just wanted to know what was polite or whatever when a person recieves inheritance money. My husband is grateful he got the money, but the gratitude he feels is toward his grandfather.
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books = good

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Has anyone got a good, creative cure for writer's block?

Edit for second question which is rambly: There was a song on Top 40ish radio back a few years in the Lilith Fair times. It was a female singer, and the chorus had the lines "Don't cry, don't tell me that it's over, I already know", but the lines that I really remember best from the verse are "Cold February, twenty-eight stacks of days". I have searched a bazillion lyrics sites armed with only that and have come up with nothing. Anyone have any idea?

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my best friend was one of my enemies in high school (before we were friends that is)

the first thing he said to me when i said "hi" to him was "is your hand a virgin?" im like wtf! what an asshole!

i like tried so hard to be friends with him

in the end. we've been best friends for around 9 years lol.

My question is...What was the first thing your Best Friend or Significant Other said to you when you first met?
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Please help me!

I have a paid account and despite trying numerous times I cannot update my journal via email. I have everything typed correctly, I checked that a dozen times, and the address I'm trying to update from is on my list of addresses. Can someone please help me, or tell me a community or person who can help me???


Hi, I was wondering whether or not there is a way to tell if a roll of film has been used yet. I found a roll still in it's canister in my scrapbooking drawer and I'm not sure if it's been used or not. Thanks in advance :)
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Strange question

When I was at a shopping mall earlier, on the counter in the bathroom was a baggie with a dozen or so capsules with the words "Mylan 2020" on them; yes, I looked. I'm curious :) What were they?
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Just out of curiosity, what languages do you know? Have you learned? Tried to learn? Are fluent in? Which is the most interesting to speak? Listen to? Write? Etc. You know where I'm going. :)
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Anybody out there went through the process of deciding on the college that you went to/are going to now? What factors made you decide (especially if you didn't have a first choice to begin with)? What advice are you willing to give to us seniors who are looking to choose?

Right now...I've got options of duke, amherst or williams. I can't find too many discernable factors between the latter two. They're both small, and small.