March 21st, 2004

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Edison Chen

'Kay, I just watched Vampire Effect last night, and noticed that the guy playing Kazaf looked really familiar. When I checked it said he played Edison on Gen Y Cops. I've seen Gen Y Cops but don't remember who Edison was, does anyone have a clue?
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random//my dumb face


Random silly opinion question now! Weeee! (My favorite kind.)

Out of your icons, which ones are your favorites? You can pick however many you want, but picking them all would just be cheating.

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tank girl


Does anyone know if photo-editing programs like Photoshop (feel free to mention a few more) have a feature that makes pictures black and white?
Or is that something only camera film is opt to do?
Thank you.

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----mods please let me know if this is inappropriate----
Will you send me your resume?
I'm an English teacher and I'd like to have some sample resumes to give to my students (if I posted this in a teaching community I'd get a lot of teacher resumes, which I do not want). If you have one you're willing to share, will you please change the contact info to made up stuff (or I can do that if you want, but under no circumstances will my students receive your actual info) and send it to me at famecity at livejournal dot com.
I appreciate any and all help!
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so there's this guy who has an LJ, and i can't think
of his username.
he's in his early 20's, goes to punk shows (and writes about them)
and writes about politics a lot.
his journal is really popular (he has a lotta friends listed)
so yeah, does anyone have any idea who im talking about?
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i want to read a good book. a good love story. but a love story that's not a usual love story. If you've read God-Shaped Hole, Or Sloppy Firsts and loved it, what's another book that was like those books?

I really need something to give me hope.
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I'm in a TOTAL writing rut, and wanna write some cool challenge fics. You pic some weird stuff you want to happen in my story, and I have to write it in. Like for example, Esh gave me these...

1. Boucher wears a hula skirt and dances
2. A giant pool filled with melted cheese that someone swims in.
3. Cechmanek and Roy get "together" when drunk. Their wives catch them in bed together.
4. Someone breaks out into "Salmo 150" (a Treble choir song.)
5. Tanguay strips and table dances.

So, my question is, can any of you give me some weird NHL challange ideas??

Is it just me or....

does everyone hate it when people say with a loud sigh..."It's Monday!" or..."It's Friday!" you know what im saying? It's like ...yeah and what of it...why say it at all?! Your mondays may be shitty or may be great! You may be totally exhausted on Friday and thanking that its such but SHUTUP! Paydays are normally fridays and some of you may still be able to hold on to them...but damn people, stop with the "its" comments. Oh by the way "It's Sunday!"
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Navel Piercings

Okay, I've always wanted to get my navel pierced... Recently I've gathered enough courage and talked one of my friends into getting hers done too. I've read some websites to get some background information before someone starts poking a hole in my stomach. Most sites agree on the fact that it takes anywhere from 6 months to over a year to heal. However, none really stated how long I should avoid ocean/lake/pool water. Now, in about three months my friend and I are taking a trip to Hawaii. And I'm definatly going to be in ocean/pool water.

I'd really hate to get the piercing done and it turning uber-gross and getting infected...

Is three months enough healing time, or should I wait til after the trip? I'd really like to have it done before though, so I can show it off.

What do you think?
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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this. Sorry If I'm not, I'll delete it if I can't post this many times. ( However, the last question technically wasn't mine. )

I'm watching this movie (I forget the name) on t.v. about this guy who canread women's minds and it made me think. Would YOU want to read people's minds?

Me, I don't think I would want to know what other people are thinking...especially about me. What I don't know won't hurt me, I suppose.

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when you ask people the common (often rhetorical) question, "how are ya?" most people respond with "fine" or "good," and most will ask you back, and you, too, will respond with a "fine" or "good."

sometimes, though, you will get the people who will sigh and say, "TIRED. i had 2 finals today and another one tomorrow." or "lousy. i just got in a fight with my parents . . ."

do you ever feel like you'd rather they just answer "fine" or "good"? since most of the time that question is asked without real interest in the answer?

i'm torn. i feel like that SOMETIMES (like, "i don't know you THAT well. i was just being polite! i don't want you to spill out all your problems in these 10 seconds as we pass each other by!), but there are other times, when people are visibly distressed, and they say they're fine . . . that bugs me, too.


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I thought I was able to type at a decent speed, and I can, but my boyfriend and my brother and my friend can all type a helluva lot faster than I can and it bothers me. How can I increase my typing speed? I type pretty regularly, so that obviously doesn't help much...Is there any program (free, I don't have much money at all to spend) that can help me?

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What's your favorite song by a female artist that you think sounds good being covered by a male? or just a hot song for a guy to cover acoustically?

im trying to come up with a set list for my friend, who's main fanbase is a bunch of 15-17 year old girls that are all madly in love with him *L*

my choices are:
"you oughtta know" - alanis morrisette
"creep" - radiohead