March 19th, 2004

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Okay, I know nothing about cooking at all. I have a weird craving for potato salad, and I have all the ingredients I need finally, but um.. how long should I boil the potatos?

Haha, I know how stupid this question is but I'm awful at cooking.
Harold and Kumar-"Thank you"

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Where can I find "island" music?
I am not sure if that is what it's called.
Music with ukelele's (sp)....something like what you would hear on vacation when you are in Hawaii.
I don't know a better way to ask. I hope I haven't offended anyone.
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have you ever noticed that, when people are testing a microphone, they raise their voices and say "can you guys hear me in the back?", but then lower their voice to normal when they speak? "CAN YOU GUYS HEAR ME BACK THERE? Ok, so my first item in lecture will be..." my professors always do that! its like, we can hear you when you yell, but not normally!
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Mostly for the ladies, but if guys can help out, that's cool. :)

I just bought some of that skin-firming lotion... the kind that's supposed to eventually help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

My questions: has anyone used this stuff before? How did it work, as in, did it actually work? And what ingredient or ingredients make it work in the first place (if it really does)?

I've noticed that my skin is the softest its ever been, which is awesome. But I've only been using it for a few days, so there haven't been anymore noticeable results than that.

Thanks in advance!
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urban canyon

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1) How closely do you follow news about HIV/AIDS? - I follow it pretty closely because it seems like a pretty key issue.

2) Are you familiar with Duesberg's long-standing but publicly ridiculed theory that heavy drug use (in the West) and malnutrition (in Africa) are the leading causes of AIDS, and that HIV is simply a passenger virus? If not, you can click here to read a paper by him. I've read his work and some work of the few people who think his ideas warrent further research.

3) If you answered yes to both #1 and #2, do you think there is any room to doubt the current HIV->AIDS correllation? I think that he provides strong reasons to believe, at the very least, that AZT should be banned. I don't know that I can say he's right, but I think that if he's wrong it's not because he's made a stupid mistake.

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I am a complete dork with photoshop. How do I make something transparent? For example, I have a picture I want to overlap another with, but I'm having trouble making the outside edges (which I don't want) to be transparent.

Also, any easy way to simulate a lensflare?
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drum set question

I bought a used drum set and the guy who sold it to me left a blanket in the bass drum. I wanna take it out but here's my question --

When I take the head out, should I unscrew it in a circle or should I go across, like when you're tuning the head?