March 16th, 2004

Harold and Kumar-"Thank you"

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Where can I find a download of Ernie (from "Sesame Street") singing the song "I don't want to live on the moon".
I found lyrics and I found a instrumental, but what I really want is the version with Ernie.
By the way, this is my first post. Hi. I'm Sarah.
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computer related question:

i have windows media player version 9, and it claims to be fully updated. i am running windows XP with it. my problem is this: whenever i play any kind of video file on media player, the video cuts out about 30-60 seconds before the end of the file. the audio runs fine and the display time clock keeps running, so its not that the file itself is too short. the files play fine on other computers (we put them on a portable hard drive and transferred them over) but this is getting really frustrating.

do you guys have any ideas, or can point me in the direction of peope/communities who do?

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That's a picture of me (my icon). Be brutally honest ... Do you think I am pretty/ugly? What's your first impression, what do you notice first? Is there any improvements you'd make (makeup wise, etc.)
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There's going to be a Pirates Of TheCaribbean 2 coming out. I heard that they are looking for female roles between the ages of 10-15 (I'm 17 but hey, I look young). I would DIE TO BE IN THAT MOVIE!! Meet the crew.. especially Johnny. I CAN act, but not under pressure. I even went to Stagedoor manor (which is a famous acting came from which a few current famous people attended). Ugh I don't know. I just wanna be in that movie! I'd die happy.. I don't know.. give me advice, give a number to call GIVE ME SOMETHING AHHH!


what can i do to stop dreaming so much?

(i can remember several dreams every night, which i think might explain why i cant seem to have a restful nights sleep.
plus, i have a reocurring nightmare that i cant deal with having right now.)
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I now have a dilemma. Clare's (one of my roommates) not here - so she can't pay her portion of the bills. The bills are all final notice. Should I offer to pay it this week and ask her to repay me next week? Or would I be putting myself in a bad situation? I don't really want our utilities cut off but I don't know if they actually do it or if it's just a threat. I also don't want to be out a couple hundred dollars though... HELP!!
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my boyfriend and I were grocery shopping today, and we were looking for vitamins. we found some "once-daily" multi-vitamin type ones, and I saw they offered one for women. however, when we compared labels, the regular vitamin had twice as many vitamins and minerals in it as the women's type did - and the regular vitamin had everything that the women's did. this bothered me a little. anyone know why this might be? I'm slightly bothered by this.

another question: orange juice - pulp or no pulp? what's really the difference, if there is any (I mean, obviously one has it and one doesn't... but nutritionally, are they different? is one better for our bodies?)
The New Evil.

Oh, so slow.

Right, so I use my hotmail account for lj notification purposes. But it's been slow - many hours in fact - getting responses and comments to me. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

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Many thanks in advance.

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After reading the post about poor spelling, I was reminded about a story. A student in my english class asked my teacher whether it should be written and read as "A x-ray" or "An x-ray." She said it should be "A x-ray." But that doesn't sound right at all. I thought the rule was that if the word started with a vowel sound then you would use 'an.' 'X-ray' starts with a vowel sound, doesn't it? Such as the word 'hour.' You don't say "A hour," because the 'h', in this case, makes the 'ah' sound. But she just said 'no,' it's read "A x-ray." I still don't understand why that is. Is she right or wrong? If you know the right answer, can you please tell me why it's read as it is? Thanks.
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