March 15th, 2004

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last night my boyfriend and I realized that our relationship has lost its romance. we've fallen into a monotonous lifestyle (which is indeed comfortable, so much too predictable), and we've lost the excitement that we used to have. we've been together about a year and half, so that wonderful newness is gone. any tips on getting the spark back into our relationship?


I'm using Microsoft Word to type a research paper...
My teacher has given very strict instructions about how she wants the margins.
And how she wants the page numbers to have my last name and then the pg number at the top right corner.
...I have no idea how to do that!
I'm not even sure if Word is already set to 1" margins at the top, and sides and on the bottom.

Can anyone help me? I need this done by at least 6pm tonight.
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Does anyone in here have a job where part of it is spent being stationary and the other half you are moving around and/or doing physical things? I don't mean hard labor, but just not being stuck at a desk. If so, what is your job?


I am currently looking up references for my psychology investigation. All I need to do is find the specific names of certain studies. However whenever I use a search engine it just comes up with the name of the researcher in a piece of research.

Does anyone know a website where you can look up titles of psychological research/investigation?

Thanks in advance!
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has anyone ever been to savannah, GA? what was it like?

i'm thinking about going to college there (if i get in) and lots of people say it's really great, but i've also been told that i might not like it because it's too small/rural. i won't be able to visit before making a final decision, and the thought of moving someplace i've never even been is kinda frightening. eep!

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the post a few posts back about mandatory military service
made me think of this question:

do you think women should have to sign up for selective
service too? (so they could be drafted at wartime?)
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Is cheating on your significant other ever OK? What determines if it is? Has anyone been in or know of a situation where it happened without ruining the relationship (i.e. the affair was either successfully concealed or forgiven)? Once it's done which is better, to tell the truth and try to mend things, or to hide it? Is it possible to "completely" forgive infidelity and restore trust and love, or is it the kind of thing nobody can realistically get over but can only pretend to?

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Anyone know how to hack into a Hotmail account? I have a legitimate reason, I swear.

My brother changed his password and couldn't remember it, and he can't remember what he put as his secret question, or his birthdate, as he used a fake one. Yeah, he's an idiot, and I told him just to get a new one, but he has a lot of addresses in there that he needs. He tried guessing a million times and it locked him out from even guessing. The page said he could try again in 24 or 48 hours, but it's been several days, and he still can't try.

It doesn't even necessarily have to be hacking into the account. We just need a way to get his password. Which I suppose is hacking. Whatever.

If you don't want to share the information on LJ, you can email me at dischord @
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All high school seniors at my school participate in a two week mock trial of Congress...It's called MODEL CONGRESS

We are required to write two bills...I have one...but one of my bills is supposed to be based on a position paper I wrote earlier this year...That position Paper was basically about the US foreign policy and how it SUCKS. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME AN IDEA TO NARROW DOWN THIS BILL TOPIC? I NEED SOMETHING!!

Incase you were curious i made my last bill to cut funding for nations that the US already gives money to if they do not comply with the War on Terrorism...unless they are a neutral country. And the money taken from those "rebel" countries would be used for Social Security. It won't get passed but it was easy to write.

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1. Who has a good livejournal?

2. What is a good livejournal community?

3. What is something fun I can do?

4. What is some music i should defintely listen to?

5. what is a good personal website/websites?
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when i microwave stuff, almost always some spots are colder than others, sometimes significantly.
has anyone else ran into this problem? any solutions? do you know why it happens?