March 14th, 2004

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You are driving your minivan home at dusk. You opt to take the freeway, since there's a lesser amount of traffic going on at the moment. You hear a soft click directly behind your seat, and turn your head to find a masked stranger holding a pistol to the back of your head. He tells you to look forward and keep driving or he will shoot you.

What is your best course of action for saving yourself?

Trading Spaces, Episode Lemoncakes

Perhaps this is a silly question, but I am stumped.

I've been redecorating my room, and have decided to paint my furniture white. The problem is, there's this big spill spot on my dresser that I can't seem to paint over. It looks fine when it's wet, but when it dries the lines of the wood are still visible. I have rolled over it about eighty times with copious amounts of white paint, but I can't seem to get it to go away. Do I need to sand it more, or should I just break down and go buy some more primer? Blahhhh.
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I'm looking to purchase my first pair of Rollerblades. I want something fairly basic, not the stunt-skating types, and I need the kind that's reinforced up the ankles with plastic or some such thing (I have pretty weak ankles). I would also prefer a pair with detachable blades, though that's not necessary. Now, having just realized the amount of different styles and brands (and prices), I'm pretty lost. What type would you recommend to me? I want something fairly basic and inexpensive (under $100 would be nice), and be as specific as you like, because I'm fairly lost here.

non-slip spray for stairs?

I heard that there was something I could put on my outdoor steps to prevent people from slipping. I think it comes in a spray can. I'm looking for an alternative to putting down those strips. I asked at Home Depot but they didn't know what I was talking about (no surprise there). Does anyone know what this is or where I can buy it?


I'm thinking about doing Pilates at the Y.
I was told that the videos are ridiculous and don't help at all.
I've never tried it before.
And I'm not super flexible.
I'm afraid of embarrassing myself in a Pilates class
or unable to do certain exercises.

Is anyone taking a Pilates class who can tell me what exactly goes on?

And what exactly are the benefits of taking Pilates?
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my computer used to give me these nice little picture previews on the side of the window when i was looking at "my pictures." not anymore. its really bugging me that i cant figure out how to get that back. you know how?
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1) Do you ever wonder what happens to LJs whose owners delete them without warning/don't update for ages? edit: I meant the owners not the LJs themselves!

2) When you go to the gym should you do warm up exercises before going on the machines?
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I use Yahoo! Mail. If I sent an email to an address that didn't exist, would I get a mail demon back that tells me that the address doesn't exist? Or is it just AOL that sends those things back to you?

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By the end of the month I will be moved into a new, smaller house. I live with my mom and my two younger brothers. We're moving into a three bedroom, so my brothers have to share a room and I get the smallest one in the house. I'm stuck with one of the smallest rooms I've seen. I will be lucky if I can squeeze my bed, my two book shelves + my side table in there. I don't have any picture to show, but ANY ideas you guys might have to make it more enjoyable, make it seem a little more spacious, anything at will be greatly appreciated.

PS. I'm not allowed to paint the room, and money is a little short.

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My therapist keeps telling me that, anxiety affects my ability to learn new things.

do you think this is true?

i'm hoping it is, and that im not a complete idiot. and that when im '50% cured' i'll be able to learn things.

do you think being 50% cured is even possible? and even if i am? will i be able to learn things?......
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i saw this tonight and i thought to myself "what do i do here - wash my hands or take a piss?"

wash or pee?

what would you do...take a piss or wash your hands?

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My cuticles are very, very dry. The skin is constantly damaged and have dead skin on it all the time. I get hangnails pretty easily. It's not as horrible as it sounds, but it's not very attractive either. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there and easy way to get rid of it? Any lotion brand that I can use that will fix this?